The Stream – Anonymous: Activists for transparency or cyber-terrorists?

In This Episode: Activists for transparency or cyber-terrorists? Today we’ll speak to members of the group Anonymous about their work across the world.

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25 thoughts on “The Stream – Anonymous: Activists for transparency or cyber-terrorists?”

  1. everyone can be anonymous, but you have to know how to fight as an anon.
    someone comes up with an idea, we talk about it and if there is a majority, we will do something about it.

    Therefore does this “Anonymous gonna kill facebook” thing really fake, because there were never a discuss, it was just a video that came up from nowhere claiming that anonymous are going to hack facebook

  2. nora is an idiot if you had rights you can delete your fb account and seriously when you hide your stuff its still on facebook lol

  3. we are anonymous, we are aware of the corruption in the world’s governments and their apathy for the human lives because of money.
    we are aware of the governments’ attempt to cover on the news of the rebellions to keep us as slaves for the current system.
    we are anonymous, we declare war on the corrupted system, join the plan to get your freedom and rights back. you are a human being, your life has value. we are anonymous, we are legion, expect us!

  4. Anonymous would certainly still exist without IRC there are still medias for Anonymity (For instance 4Chan, the genesis of Anonymous)

  5. @EosforosGR Its just a discussion. They dont say Anon IS CT – just to make the video more searcheable for everyone. 🙂

  6. Must say of all the press coverage I’ve seen on Anonymous, this is by far the most professional and journalistically neutral coverage. Bravo Al Jazeera and The Stream for this very informative and professional coverage. Also Like if @anonops brought you here.

  7. Very interesting and informative show but i would of liked to see both views of anonymous. Good or Bad? Everyone that talked on the show seems to be on the anonymous is a good thing side but having someone who felt differently talk about how they see anonymous would of been nice.

  8. Anonymous scares the state not because they can hack, release info nor from DDoS attacks. Anonymous is a threat to government because it represents a “more pure form of democracy”. The corporations and their lobbyists haven’t figured out how to manipulate a hive mind yet, without getting stung.

  9. Security on the webz is a joke nor does it exist. If somebody with the know how and the ability will get whatever they want when ever they want. Even your precious passwords made up of lower and uppercase letters and numbers wont help you. So how can you protect yourself? Easily… turn off your smart phone, tablets and computers. Place them in a trash can and walk away.

  10. Never waste a crises right , Problem Reaction Solution will always work Create a hack attack , wait for the manufactured reactions from the 5 corporations main stream medias talking head stenographers , n its game over . Its unfortunate but the ex school yard bullies that are inbreed into a govt job by birth who will gladly utilize any event as justifications for rules , n regulation . Track trace and database the entire population so the info can be sold back and forth like hockey cards .

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