The Stream – Iran’s Conservative Blogosphere & Iraqi Youth

In this episode: Iranian bloggers take sides in the split between their President and Supreme Leader. Plus, how Iraqi youth are using social media to address unemployment and corruption.
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2 thoughts on “The Stream – Iran’s Conservative Blogosphere & Iraqi Youth”

  1. @Ne0mega

    These people work for the CIA.. They orchestrate “pro- democracy” protests against regimes the US doesn’t like( IRan) or have outlived their usefullness(Egypt).

  2. WTF Al-Jazeera? Amina Abdallah Aral al Omari, aka “gay girl in Damascus” DOES NOT EXIST. Not “may not exist”. It has already been determined “she” was actually an American by the name of Tom MacMaster. You guys don’t know how to use Google or read the news or something!?

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