Triple A Status!

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25 thoughts on “Triple A Status!”

  1. The Stock market took a hit because of the executive office arguing with the legislation, but kids are still going back to school this week. Several states still have Triple A credit so the main problem will rest on federal programs and agencies.(no more gerbil-cyborg assasin projects) So stuff like U.S. federal aide to foreign countries might be affected but we will still be able to turn an aggressive country into a smoking glass crater bowl if provoked. No worries, it is not panic time yet.

  2. Its not so much panic in the US. well not where i live atlest. For the most part its just alot of angry people who are getting more and more fedup with governemnt and how its acting and going about things. me and my freinds who are in our early adult hood who understand that we are the ones to take over and have to get out there and live life and support ourselfs soon, were really getting sick of it. then there are some who just dont care.

  3. Mijn neef kwam logeren vant weekend stiekem biertje gepakt 😉 ( ben nog maar 14 ) en voor de rest wat films gekeken the bourne triology en ffinal destanation 3 en the expanables 🙂

  4. theres not really panic but in know alot more people that i talk to at work are starting to save cash at home in safes and not all in a bank.
    i cleaned the entire weekend.

  5. @RenatovanBloemenhuis Ja, lekker rustig aan deze week. Moet 2 dagen werken en de rest moet ik nog even kijken. Misschien nog met een dagkaart ergens naae toe.

  6. @AnnaSarahbee I love Vancouver btw! Great city, spent a couple of days there once, I love Canada, would love to go back there some day.

  7. @estarnan I know what you mean, and honestly, here in Europe, we look at the US as a really weird economy. Over here, borrowing money, or buying something big and paying for it later, or on credit, is something that’s not done a lot, a bit of a taboo. Me, our families and friends just have a mortgage on a house, that’s the only thing we buy on credit. It’s also the fault of the consumer culture in the US I think, they encourage that kind of spending behavior. Hopefully it’ll get better soon!

  8. @nriqueog Haha, I know what you mean. In my humble opinion, the US made a terrible mistake in making the financial problem a political one. That’s why it’s such a struggle to get things back on track over there. In the Netherlands and in the strongest euro countries like Germany and the UK, the governments immediately came together to get things sorted out and get things going. Now we are getting together to help weaker countries like Greece. I hope things will get better soon!

  9. @AnnaSarahbee I hope it doesn’t, although it will probably affect the entire world. China is getting restless too, stock markets are in a panic, so I believe eventually it’s bad news for everyone, but Canada, as far as I know, has a very stable economy. The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland are among the most stable countries in Europe, financially, so that’s good. Anyway, I just hope this gets better soon…

  10. @lgliggy Thanks for your answer! I just hope that this is not the start of another crisis, double dip or as some pessimists are predicting, a total disaster. I heard about the hard times in the south of the US, lots of countries here in Europe are having a bad time coping too, like Greece for example, Europe just invested hundreds of millions of euro’s in them just to keep them afloat but with countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy who are in trouble too, this might just turn ugly. I hope not!

  11. @RenatovanBloemenhuis Nou mijn moeder heeft me vankchtend half 9 zomaar wakker gebeld en k kon niet meer slapen.. nu ben ik een wrak, thanx mom!

  12. There is not really a panic over her in the US we know we will come out of it, I went down to Fremont St. here in las vegas and we did some pranks and filmed it all, we are going to be filming pranks alot along with my daily vlog, check them all out if you have time! Thanks Renato!!

  13. I hadn’t even heard about losing the Triple A status and I live in the US, but I think the best thing any country in debt could do is find someone like Alexander Hamilton who has a lot of good ideas to rekindle the country’s savings.

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