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Market Down, Bio Tech Stocks To Watch (OTCBB: PVCT, PYMX)

Market Down, Bio Tech Stocks To Watch (OTCBB: PVCT, PYMX)

After browsing my usual channels of research this morning, it is clear that not much good news will be occurring this week. Looking at the Market Movers list was quite discouraging with Synthetic Bear Funds littering the ranks top to bottom. 

Although days like this can be disheartening, it also gives me a chance to do some research on counter cyclical stocks and compose pieces about companies on World Market Media’s watch list. The pull back has siphoned many investors away from the equities market, and those who are still brave enough to weather the storm will have to make great picks and hedge intelligently against further fall out. 

The first company to highlight is Provectus Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: PVCT), based in Knoxville Tennessee. PVCT develops over the counter products, prescription drugs and medical device systems for both dermatology and oncology. Most recently, the company announced positive data on the first forty subjects in a Phase 2 trial for PV-10, an injectable prescription to fight Metastatic melanoma. The adverse effects of the injections were moderate, and results compared favorably with available options in the field. 

Analysts believe that the FDA will accept the disease progression model instead of the survival-related endpoint in Phase III studies, thus giving PVCT potential in having a fully license product, and possible revenue growth in 2 years.   


Provectus is also developing the PH-10 Atopic Dermatitis/ Psoriasis product which is in a similar Phase research position to PV-10. Currently Provectus Pharma is trading at .31 down .01 or .3% on a volume of 139k. Although the market as a whole has pulled back recently, PVCT has made a run in 2010 from a low of $ .87 to a high .67   Second on the watch list is Pennsylvania based Polymedix Inc (OTCBB:PYMX), a company that focuses on treating acute cardio vascular disorders and infectious diseases with synthetic small molecule compounds that mimic large natural protein molecules. The company has 10 products in the pipeline, with a heightened focus on a Heparin LMWH Antagonist and a Broad Spectrum Antibiotic. Both of these drugs are set to complete phase 2 by the end of the year and enter phase 3 shortly thereafter.   
PYMX Heparin Reversal product is an interesting drug, (PMX- 60056) that reverses the effects of Heparin prior to surgery so that patients are not at risk of bleeding out during procedures. The demand for this product is high in heart surgery operations I have experienced Heparin first hand after receiving a freak DVT at 18 years old and any product that can ween a patient off blood thinners quickly and safely is, I am sure welcomed in the medical field.

Polymedix alternate product offering is a broad spectrum Anti Biotic offering (PMX — 30063), which was recently, written about in Wired Magazine. Polymedix, in connection with the University of Massachusetts has begun researching antibiotics that can fend off drug resistant ailments for the specific use of fighting “Iraqibacter” a powerfully resistant infection afflicting amputees and wounded soldiers.   
The drug is currently being used to treat Staph infections and the pentagon is looking to apply the drug in the battle field as well. Government contract equals big money, and should this product complete phase trials and be adopted by Uncle Sam, you can bet that its wide range of application will contribute heavily to revenue in the future.   
Currently PYMX is trading at 1.00 down .04 of 3.8% at a volume of 54k. Over the past year the stock has climbed from the $ .60 range, peaking at 1.45 in January of this year. 


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