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Marketing Plan That Will Generate MLM Leads For Your Network Marketing Business As A Beginner

Marketing Plan That Will Generate MLM Leads For Your Network Marketing Business As A Beginner

Article by Ngozi Nwoke

The success secret for Network marketing business on-line is Traffic and Lead Generation, more MLM leads more success. Network marketing business is easy on line if you know how to generate MLM leads. There is need for you to embark on lead generating activities daily. It is what you do daily that determines the level of success you will get.

Developing a marketing plan will help you to focus on lead generating activities. Based on your available budget and time, create your marketing plan, by choosing the appropriate marketing strategies you will use to generate leads. Focus on fewer strategies and add more as you become more proficient in using them to generate traffic and leads.

Marketing strategies are in 3 categories, social marketing, and content marketing and paid marketing. From each category choose one and work with it and only add another when you can comfortably use them to generate leads.

Under Social marketing you have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I recommend you start with Facebook and if you can handle it add twitter. Join groups in Facebook, add 50 friends daily from network marketing groups and leave comments. Follow 50 people daily in Twitter who are following a network marketing expert, because most will follow you back. Post 3-4 tweets daily.

Under Content marketing you have video marketing, article marketing, press releases, squidoo, etc. If you choose video marketing then you should start by using only YouTube as your social marketing strategy. Add no less than 5 videos in a week and 200 friends weekly. Article writing is a great strategy. Choose targeted keywords and write 5 articles weekly and submit to directories.

Under Paid marketing you have Pay Per Click (Google, yahoo, MSN, etc.), ezines/solo ads, banner, advertising, facebook social ads. You should have a minimum budget of 0-500 per month (for 3-6 months) to use these paid strategies. Learn how to effectively use these strategies so that you can reduce costs.

In conclusion, it is consistency and persistence on your part following this marketing plan, generating traffic and MLM leads that will build your network marketing business.

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Ngozi Nwoke is a business and marketing coach. MLM home-based business is easy on-line. For more information on building your business check www.ngozinwoke.com

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