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Article by Susmanto Hadi

Whatever your marketing activities like online marketing or offline marketing, your product marketing or affiliate marketing, it is need good mental attitude to success in marketing. Marketing is one process to gain a success in life and finance. It is not instant process like magic. This is not process like you request money to your mom and you will get it.

Marketing is struggle process with tears and sweat to get success. In marketing, there is no instant process to get best product and services, to get potential customer, to make customer loyalty and to get good payment from customer. It is long process in success tradition in our business. Below six mental attitudes should you build when you conduct marketing activities to gain your money and success, such as:

1. Always learn something without stopThere are always new in marketing especially customer behaviors and marketing approach. World always change every time influence to marketing. So, you must learn anything about marketing approach, customer behaviors, product and services evolution, etc. If you are never learn and see development of environment, then you will out of date of your knowledge. This is will make you decrease your opportunity to gain success in marketing.

2. Never give up and patientMarketing is very long time process and you are not able to guarantee every proceeds that you done will always success. There is always invisible hand will interrupt your effort to get customer and make transaction. After transactions succeed, there are no guarantees your customer will pay your product and service after you deliver to them.You will keep get to solve your marketing. So, you need patient and patient enough in your heart because we can not control other person and other situation.

3. Struggle MentalityAs a marketer, you are a hero for your company and your family. You are hero too for your self. As a hero, you must have struggle mentality because marketing is unpredictable area although there is some marketing research result to preset some marketing fact. Marketing is very different between in the paper and in the table of customer. This is also different too in society as your customer location. To adapt with this condition, you must have struggle attitude because it is hard to change and to get your customer in your controlled area.

4. Humble and able to relate with everyoneHumble is needs to face any person in your marketing activity. Remember, your money and success place on your customer heart. Next, you should be able to relate with every person in every environment. You can not push your marketing are like your desire. Society is powerful entity in marketing work. So, with your humble, your customer will attract with your personality.

5. On guard to Business and efficientYou should be on guard to your business and always efficient in expenses. You need efficient in marketing activities like trips, presentation, negotiations, etc. It is needs because there is some competitors and changing of customer behavior influence to your marketing success. Remember, marketing always use economic principles to get much money and opportunity with small expenses and capital.

6. Never satisfied if success have get itSuccesses will come to you if you struggle to get it with right path. Usually, you will not enough with money that you have it. One success will push another success bigger and bigger. Keep get your success until you cannot pull your breath.

Six marketing mentalities above are enough to get your success in marketing activities. However, you must learn anything to complete your knowledge in marketing area. Remember; always change happen in the world and your customer. Happy marketing, friend! [ ]

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