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Saudi arabia stock market history and Investment

Saudi arabia stock market history and Investment

Article by Abdula Naser

Saudi stock market the opportunity to investIn the past two days, money markets began in the world in turmoil forced interaction with a number of economic developments in different countries, in particular the question of raising the ceiling for borrowing the U.S. government. This turmoil is a natural evolution, the question of lowering the credit rating of the United States is exceptional, this is the first time in the history of the United States in the near future. Nevertheless, we have seen the fall in world markets, including Saudi stock market is a new opportunity for investment, especially with the price falling to current levels.

Reducing the U.S. stock market, represented by Baldao Jones, is a natural correction in the long run, is likely to continue to swing the levels near 9000 points in the coming months on a temporary basis. This is supposed to be seeing more attempts at the federal government to revive the economy, including the intervention of the Fed rate interest to continue at current levels or even interfere with quantification. It is expected that these activities have a positive impact on the markets in general, which will push the Dow Jones is ready to re-qualify at a higher level of 12 000 points, once again, God willing, next year, God willing, on the last evaluation. Interaction Saudi stock market from the U.S. market is considered normal for this time of increased activity of investment funds, non-banks in the market. A sharp drop occurred from the market, most likely due to the implementation of certain contracts of options out of the market offered by some brokerage firms, whether locally or regionally. Will most likely be volatility in the market the next higher level of 5,200 points, with the permission of God, which, in my opinion, is a good opportunity for investment, especially for companies that need to have an annual growth of their results is much better than previous years. Expected in the coming months, God willing, to return to the growth index, which is likely to exceed this time, the level of 7000 points.The decline in the stock market not only because of what happened in the capital markets, the U.S. only, but the drop in oil prices was an influential role, especially after the price drops to less than $ 80 over the last two days. Rather, fluctuations in oil prices over the coming months in the higher levels of almost $ 60 with the permission of God, Snchehr another attempt to re-qualify for higher levels of $ 100. Oil prices continue to rise in subsequent years will depend on the amount of support will play a government of President Obama on the U.S. economy, especially as he was able to change the current leadership style and fix the damage caused by the Republican Party over the past two years.

Saudi stock market return for the increase in the coming period may be the most important sectors, namely the petrochemical industry and the banking sector. Petrochemical industry, has benefited from rising oil prices and quarterly results achieved are excellent, and continued oil prices average above $ 80 will make the annual results of companies in this sector is high in the last decade, a private company, SABIC, which has shown significant improvement in results mid-term during the current year. As for the banking sector lending Fodth now restored to improve the quarterly results of current and future, with God’s help. I think the market opportunity in the long term is still excellent, so I would recommend to pick stocks carefully within the current period.

Enter the artistic movements of the market to get into the levels of purchases in the short term, in accordance with a system of channels price breakthrough. ” The Director General noted that there is a chance for stability in a positive light absorption of financial markets, risks associated with future fiscal policy of America, noting that the Saudi market is one of the most attractive markets because of the price of access to low levels, as it made a lot of company-level prices are the lowest historically under operating income is good for those companies, and income growth are clear.

This will significantly improve overall light fading in the negative news of foreign affairs and the desire of many customers to buy stocks with low price and high return, referring to the change of direction control signals from downward to upward, where the break point level is negative, and may fall to levels below are buying opportunities are good in many companies,

On the other hand, there was no market instruments and bonds, any transaction in the first ten days of August at the present time, especially in light of violent disorder and powerful in the world economy with the escalation of the currency and interest rate, which is expected not to see the market sell for reduction of credit ratings of new United States of America.

This financial market traders lost confidence in the global economy, as well as in government, after the data and reports in the United States, Europe and the USA. Expert on economic issues in the Saudi stock market decline, but they have some kind of unity, because of the financial results, as well as medium-term survival of many dealers from the market because of the holy month of Ramadan and summer vacations. He noted that Al-Ghamdi’s oil consumption in China began to decline at a low level this year, noting that China is one of the largest oil-consuming countries in the world, and this is a major player in shaping the global economy, oil.

Saudi market saw the trade data in global markets, and was performed after more sensitive global data, which is natural in light of international economic relations.

The fact that the difference in time to market of Saudi Arabia, with world markets had a negative impact on traders and investors, noting that the stock unit in Saudi Arabia has not seen his job because of the flow of information and data that were not parallel. And the economic analyst data and economic data will have a role in changing the case of financial markets in the coming period, especially

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