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Speculation of liquor brand marketing: the five strategies, competing against the liquor battlefield

Speculation of liquor brand marketing: the five strategies, competing against the liquor battlefield

Article by jekky

All corporate and product brands in cultivation, the ultimate goal of all products in the market to upgrade their market position and expand market share, rising popularity and reputation. Out of the market talk about culture and brand, there is no practical significance.JLF Why successful? Why the hole in the pit in a market per year Sell 30 million or more? Not because of culture, not because the brand, not just the large number of Advertisement The running, the key is the implementation of effective and rational operation of the market. All cultures, all brands, all demand that all communication, are for the market services for consumer services, small and medium Spirit Corporate culture and brand do not have the advantage of the premise, only through the practical implementation of the operation of the market in order to have an unassailable position in the market! Target space, find their places Present, almost large Brand wine Liquor industry, the basic control type of market, such as Maotai, Wuliangye so. Low-end market is mainly unknown small businesses. China liquor industry, superior products and Di Dangjiu market already have a strong existing competition brands, such as Di Dangjiu the Red Star Erguotou, pointed Zhuang wine, premium wines in the Maotai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, etc. These brands have a very high consumer groups agree on the brand reputation and loyalty, brand new without a strong cultural connotation, adequate capital base and innovative market operations and business philosophy, it is difficult squeeze the two markets for a little market share. The face of such a market environment domain, if self-awarded brand positioning, selecting the right mid-range wine market has a strong market to expand consumption as a basis for new brands in the near future be able to brand and market the possibility of brewing great success, mid-range wine market is a trump card for new brand development. Channel is king, and clear the jointLiquor products distribution network operating in the market represents a significant component, determines the speed of network construction products terminals, extending the scope of the enterprise market and achieve the objective of maximizing profit margins. Agent Business (dealers) in the production enterprises and sales of terminals, is the common bridge between the two. It can effectively affect the profits of trading partners to achieve production and profit. Dealers of quality and network infrastructure, often determine a liquor product success or failure of the regional market. Liquor channel access building products, liquor companies are still way out for market expansion. For medium and small liquor businesses, through the success of building distribution channels and effective maintenance, enterprise development and growth process can be solved in resources, particularly its own channels the reality of inadequate resources, and improving the profitability of existing resources to achieve business and agents (dealers) operate in the market risk of the public in fear. Lock the terminal, diffuses to the wholeWith the improvement of living standard and the accelerated pace of life, consumers Diet Consumption standards has grown from a simple increase in material consumption levels of the value of quality of life for the consumer level, so that food consumption by the family-based consumer site progressively to Hotels Type, business type consumer shift, catering, leisure facilities have become food consumption, business social mainstream consumer sites. As a diet aid products, alcohol consumption, with the market development, food and beverage market has become more than supermarkets and wholesale is the largest consumer market. Particularly in highly targeted consumer-level high-grade alcohol, food and beverage market has a liquor company to achieve breakthrough sales, brand value and profit potential access to the main channel. Whole food market, due to the market over a broad product features and efficient information dissemination factors, new liquor product is easy to focus point of the restaurant market through the operation of markets or market areas for regional food markets that sold, so most of the liquor manufacturers regard the chip energy and the development of pressure in the restaurant market, forming the focus of market competition.

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