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The Online Domination System: Your Online Marketing Solution

The Online Domination System: Your Online Marketing Solution

There is an amazing opportunity for savvy business owners to capture a significant portion of the local clients in their service area – easily and affordably. It’s called the “Online Domination System”. It was developed in order to leverage the Internet to grow your business so you can spend more time doing the things you really love and not waste your time and energy on attracting enough new customers for your business to survive.

The internet has become local and therefore crucial to the success of your business. Consider these facts:

– Over 73% of the US population has access to high-speed internet access either at home or at work. And millions more are now walking around with the internet right in their pocket thanks to Apple’s iPhone, Blackberrys, and other SmartPhones with wireless internet access.

– A study by The Kelsey Group found that 93% of online users now use the Internet to shop for local products and services–making local search the second most popular online activity after email.

– According to internet research firm comScore, nearly one billion local business related searches occur on the web each month and 90% of searches by potential clients are for keywords related to your practice, NOT your actual practice name.


– 98% of those potential clients stop on the first page of Google, and won’t go any further.

– Over 50% of the clients who do click on your website will simply leave anyway if the page is not optimized correctly. It’s just not enough to have contact information and a few pictures to lure in a potential client. People want to know immediately what you are offering, and how you are unique from your competitors.

When you think about how much you’re currently wasting on traditional advertising like yellow pages, newspaper ads or coupon books without even knowing what’s working and what’s not, you owe it to yourself and your business to invest in learning the secrets that can get you more qualified clients at a lower price and that’s what Assassin Marketing’s “Online Domination System” will do for you!

By shifting your advertising budget from these dying forms of media you’ll be able to precisely target potential clients at the exact time they’re looking for what you have to offer. And you’ll know exactly how many of them actually respond to your advertising.

But, it’s important to act quickly though, chances are your competitors haven’t figured this out yet or if they have, they’re probably not doing it correctly or efficiently. It’s amazingly affordable to advertise online right now and the return on your investment is often greater than 300%. But as more people get clued in to what’s going on, prices will certainly go up.

You won’t have to worry though, because if you’re working with us you’ll be so far ahead of the game by then with a tested and proven system that your competitors will never be able to catch up.

The “Online Domination System” will accomplish everything your business needs to begin generating new leads for your business you’ll dominate the Local search results, the Natural search results and the Pay-Per-Click or Paid search results.

Dr. Keith Webb, of Assassin Marketing, a Dallas marketing company which created the Online Domination System, an online marketing system which allows businesses to dominate the front page of the search engines. Visit assassinmarketing.com or contact us at 866-998-8641

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