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Top 10 Reasons To Use Article Marketing To Explode Your Business

Top 10 Reasons To Use Article Marketing To Explode Your Business

When you start your website initially you need to bring traffic to it. The most effective way to do so is through article writing and submissions. These are the 10 most important reasons to use article marketing.

1. Getting viewers to your website

When you distribute your articles to online publishing websites or e-zines, massive traffic is directed towards your site. If you submit your articles to popular article directories then your site traffic will get quadrupled and sales will get boosted.

2. Generating the feeling of reliability and authenticity
Building your credibility and gaining trust. Articles are way to interact with people. Well-tailored articles that provide proper information build a trust with the readers. Informative and engaging articles that contain the right keywords will get more attention and hence, a better reputation. If you intend to sell your services or products then you should write maximum number of articles on the subjects that are related to your products or services.

3. Purpose of link popularity

Building link popularity is a vital way to increase both traffic and sales. Google is the king of all search engines at it relies greatly on the number of links that go to your site. If high PR article directories are linked to your website then your website’s page rank will also increase.

4. Creating a money-making mailing list

Another incredible one among the top 10 reasons to use article marketing is getting subscribers for your newsletters, emails or e-zines. You can put the link of subscription page in the article directory resource box. You can also offer e-books or free special reports in your resource boxes and place the subscription links in it. Anything that is free is usually enticing to the readers and subscription guarantees sales. You can promote your newest products through emails, newsletters or e-zines. Once you get subscribers you can also get regular customers.


5. Acquiring a higher Page Rank

The availability of resource box feature. Most article directories offer the facility of placing your website links in the resource boxes. An additional benefit of this feature is that if your article is rich in quality then other websites that publish your articles will also send traffic to your site. For example, if you write an informative health article containing your website link in the resource box, other websites that publish your articles through that particular article directory will also send viewers to your site.

Article marketing is the fastest and easiest way to drive relevant traffic to your website.

6. Pre-selling your products or services

This is the most important one amidst the top 10 reasons to use article marketing. Readers don’t want to read sales articles. They often prefer articles that provide detailed information, build trust and answer crucial queries. These articles aid in pre-selling the products. Usually readers who read these articles get easily converted into buyers.

7. Bringing back visitors to your website

If your articles are published on the most popular article directories then they will produce constant traffic to your website. The only thing is that the consistency of writing and submitting the articles should be maintained.

8. Getting massive and free traffic

It is a free option. If your budget does not approve PPC campaigns then this is the best way to get recurring and convertible traffic. Article marketing is the easiest tool for producing heavy and quality traffic. Article marketing will also boost your search engine rankings.

9. Starting and strengthening relationship with your viewers/consumers

Conserving the information to yourself will not make as many sales as you can make by providing information through articles. Accurate, engaging articles that have a personal touch generate huge and appropriate traffic to your website. Another benefit of writing informative articles is building strong relationship with the readers. People buy products or services from those whom they trust. Informative articles and effective article marketing build your brand, reputation and increase your sales. Through articles you are able to interact with people thus article marketing gives you a platform to sell your products or services in an indirect but effective way.

10, Search engine optimization

Any website that has a high page rank gets more traffic due to it’s easy visibility in Google, Yahoo or MSN search. If your good quality articles are published on high page rank article directories having backlinks to your site along with target keywords then your site page rank will get boosted with ease. Along with this, it will help in building a good reputation for your website again aiding in more convertible traffic. People believe in those websites that contain quality content. Article marketing allows the readers to get an insight of you and your services or products. The process of article marketing relies greatly on the proper use of keywords; therefore, make sure that you’ll use right keywords at right places to get necessary results.

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