Mobile Marketing May Hold the Key to a Glorious Future for SMBs

Mobile Marketing May Hold the Key to a Glorious Future for SMBs

Article by Ashley Forrester

A couple years back, mobile marketing was a term that was relatively unheard of, even by some marketing gurus. In just two years, this term has found a place in the marketing hall of fame for being one of the most successful methods ever employed by owners of SMBs (small and medium businesses). Are you an aspiring entrepreneur about to start a small or medium sized business (SMB)? Then this is something that you should definitely consider as an option for promoting your business. For a modest investment, marketing your products through text messages will allow you to reach hundreds, or even thousands of people who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Here are the main advantages of mobile marketing that make the technique just perfect for owners of SMBs:

1. Extensive usage of messaging among all generations: The scenario was different even a few years ago, but today, people of all generations use text messaging extensively. The trend is particularly noticeable among teens and young adults. This group makes for a very lucrative target audience for most SMBs. Simply compose a marketing message that is good to read, and you can be sure that it will be read by hundreds of potential customers within a few hours. This is faster than any other marketing technique ever developed.

2. High returns over investment (ROI): Mobile marketing campaigns tend to require very little investment, and offer greater returns than almost any other marketing method. In fact, a properly planned and executed mobile marketing campaign has the potential to reach as many as 25 times the number of users that you may be able to reach via Twitter. And let?s not forget that it can reach 7 times the number of users that you may be able to reach via traditional e-mail marketing.

3. Increased acceptance rate of mobile coupons: Major retail store chains have already caught wind of the astounding success rate achieved by mobile marketing across the globe. Many major retail chains already accept discount coupons that the customers have received on their smartphones or cellphones. In fact, some major players in the field, including Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy already run their own marketing campaigns on mobile media, and inform customers about major deals via text messages.

mobile marketing trends indicate that the technique is here to stay. So, if you are trying to get promotions done for your small or medium business on a tight budget, then this is certainly one of the most viable options at your disposal.

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