Classic Game Room – GAMER GRUB Performance Snack review

Classic Game Room HD reviews GAMER GRUB Performance Snack for gamers! With “Tear and Tilt” action you can pour heaping loads of Gamer Grub directly into your mouth avoiding contact with your fingers. This means no crumbs on keyboards or greasy buttons! Salty and tasty, Gamer Grub is a satisfying snack in its own right with a catchy marketing hook. Made in San Diego, California, Gamer Grub was invented for gamers and tech geeks who want a quick snack while playing. An amsing concept, but for those with no patience just ‘tear and tilt’ these snacks which are hyper glorified snack mixes. Gamer Grub comes in four flavors: bbq, smores, pizza and peanut butter and jelly.