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30 Ridiculously Obvious Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Site

30 Ridiculously Obvious Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Site

Article by Victoria Sanders

30 Ridiculously Obvious Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Site

Do you need traffic to your sites? Who doesn’t?

If you market online you are always looking for new ways to drive traffic to your site.

Here are 30 different ways that you can consider:

#1 – Get 3 Backlinks From High PR WebsitesYou can use generation links or you can buy these through online providers.

#2 – Use Twitter to Get More TrafficTweet your affiliate program links every day. Build your following and they will join your programs.

#3 – Write a Product ReviewDo you promote an affiliate program? Write a review about it and send it out. Readers will review and it and if they like the product will join your program.

#4 – Create a Keyword ListCreate swipe files for your keyword lists. They will serve you well when you dry up for ideas for niche marketing.Traffic Tip #5 – Publish a Blog PostBlog posts have a link at the end of the post that links back to your site. Traffic follows links.

#6 – Submit an Article to 5 of the Top Article DirectoriesArticle marketing with well written articles can drive traffic to your site for years after they have been submitted and ar a proven traffic generating source.

#7 – Join & Participate in some Busy ForumsHighly targeted traffic can result from good blog posts that have a link to an affiliate program. Search out popular ones and join their forums.

#8 – Submit your Blog to 5 Top Blog DirectoriesIf you have a blog do this. If you don’t have a blog, start one and then do this. Enough said.

#9 – Promote Your Website Using Free Classified AdsThis is a goldmine for free traffic from those seeking free stuff.

#10- Leave Comments on 5 Different BlogsDo guest blogging on several popular blogs and leave your affiliate link at the end of your posts. That will generate traffic back to your programs.

#11 – Market Yourself on IMFaceplateThis is another social marketing site like facebook and can open up new contacts for you and therefore drive traffic to your site.

#12 – Submit Your Newsletter to 2 Ezine DirectoriesDo you have a newsletter? Do this. If you don’t have one, start one and then do this.

#13 – Get Some Backlinks from the Free Traffic SystemAdvertise in the free traffic system and you will get traffic from it.

#14 – Participate in Yahoo Answers & get Exposure for your WebsiteThis is a commentary question and answer site operated by Yahoo and can be the source of much traffic if you establish a presence in the community there. Check it out and explore.

#15 – Take Advantage of Article Directory Online ProfilesWhen you set up a profile in these directories, add you personal information and your photo to appear more friendly and approachable. Search out others through their photos and check out their programs. People who are photogenic are also approachable, even online and you should use this to your advantage.

#16 – Setup a Squidoo Account and Create your First LensSquidoo is a great place to generate traffic. Check it out.

#17 – Setup a Google Webmaster AccountThis is one of my most favourite things to do to generate traffic. Check it out and follow directions to set up your site.

#18 – A Simple Way to Build Longtail KeywordsUse longer keywords like “how to lose weight easily and safely” instead of “how to lose weight” as this will target buyers quicker. Also use keywords that are reflective of a buying mood rather than a searching mood and you will zone in to the buyers rather than the searchers online.

#19 – Setup a LinkedIn Account and get ConnectedAnother social traffic site. Check it out and join. You will be part of a community of like-minded individuals that can be an asset to your business.

#20 – Get Traffic from Link ReferralAnother social site. Check it out, follow directions and join.

#21 – Setup an Onlywire AccountDitto and you can use it to advertise your business. Follow instructions.

#22 – Review your SEO Position and Come up with a Plan!This is more technical and complex but you can read up oni t, get material or software to review your website, identify its shortcomings, improve them and then get better treatment from the search engines.

#23 – Join AddThisAnother social site. Check it out.

#24 – Spy on your CompetitorsFind out the keyword usage of the most successful marketers, those on page 1 of google, and those most viewed articles inn the article directories. Read up on this option, and you can literally find out how to “steal traffic from your competitors”.

#25 – Use Traffic Exchanges to Get LeadsJoin several of these and submit your ads and banners for traffic to your site.

#26- Master One Form of MarketingChoose one form of marketing whether that be email, safelist, traffic exchange, article, or any other form and concentrate on it so that it becomes second nature to it.

#27 – Use StatCounter to Analyze Your Website StatsUse this tool to analyze your sites traffic.

#28 – Watch a Motivational VideoThis will get you motivated to do more and more quality work.

#29 – Use Video In Your AdsThis is the way that most successful marketers use. Videos are a prime driver of traffic and you should use it.

#30 – Be PersistentEnough said.

That’s it.

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