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Everyone’s A Winner Ba…With Social Traffic.

Everyone’s A Winner Ba…With Social Traffic.

Article by Charles Bennewith

Ever wonder what life would be like if making money online was easy? Do you think that making money online is difficult?

Are you struggling to make money online? Do you constantly tell yourself, “ah this’ll never work”. If you do think this, is it a fact…or…just a limiting belief? Ahh…questions, questions.

Questions are good, as long as they are resourceful and empowering questions.

Consider the difference between asking yourself, “Why am I not getting any traffic to my website?” or, “Why is traffic so hard to get?” compared to, “I wonder, what’s the best way to get FREE traffic to my site easily and have fun at the same time?”

The great Tony Robbins talks and teaches the benefit of asking yourself empowering questions. When we do this, our unconscious mind searches for the answer.

So, if you are constantly working your butt off each and every day but are still not getting much traffic to your website, then you’re probably just not doing something that you should be doing. Does that make sense?

The key to you making money online is, getting traffic. The key to getting traffic is, putting out enough ‘content’. Not only that though, but putting your content out in the right places, where enough people will see it.

The worlds greatest writer won’t make one dime if no one sees their work. Whereas, a half decent writer can ‘clean up’ and make some serious cash if they get their content out there and turn it into traffic back to their product or service.

Alright, so you know how essential traffic is to your online business, ok, but what about a free, fun and easy way…interested?

Who wouldn’t be?

Social Networking!You’ll at least have heard of (if you’re not already using) sites such as FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace etc. These sites are a fantastic way get a lot of traffic very quickly to your websites and the best part is it’s FREE!

A word of caution though. These type of sites must be used properly and with respect. You want to be putting out good quality content or they’ll come down hard on you. The challenge is, these type of sites are not best friends with heavy handed marketers, which is understandable I suppose.Relax though, fear not because as long as you don’t hit them with spam, everything will be alright. Like I said, this is totally understandable and quite right, no one likes ‘spammers’ do they? There has to be a bit of control, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Your job as a good quality, ethical marketer is to provide excellent information and content which people can use and benefit from. You then, in turn get your name and content spread around which results in traffic for you and quite possibly sales. As the band Hot Chocolate once sang, ‘Everyone’s a winner baby’!

If you’re just starting out though, you want to mosey on in there, hang out and get a feel for the site and what the ‘community is all about. Participate and get involved.

Once you’ve been in among things for a while, then you want to start getting some of your good quality content out there. You should be trying to get into a ‘give, give, give’ mentality. The more you give, the more you will get back in the long run…AND…you’re getting the chance to meet some great new friends.

Now, you’re right if you are thinking that all this can take quite a bit of time. Plus, if you are new to it all it can be quite daunting and off-putting if you don’t know where to start. Who wouldn’t want a way to make things faster and easier? A way to take away all the guess work and confusion of setting up a good profile and playing by the rules.

You may or may not have come across a fantastic new Social Marketing guide called “Social Traffic Explosion”. This 8 video set takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to set up your profiles on these type of sites the RIGHT way. It also gives you great tips on how to generate stampedes of traffic to your website.

You can decide if these videos are for you, without having to part with one single cent. Check it out at www.yoursecretstowealth.com

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