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Explode Your Social Traffic

Explode Your Social Traffic

Article by Rosetta Grieco

Internet marketing changes very quickly and everyday new ideas and technology comes out which has a big effect how we do business online and if you don’t keep up you get left behind.

The latest thing to hit the market is Social Marketing. What this involves is using social sites like, myspace, facebook, twitter etc to draw people to your sites, but you have to be very clever and careful how you do this, as these social sites don’t like marketers using them like this and they can stop you.

It is a great free way to get traffic to your websites but don’t abuse it, as they can ban you from their sites.

It can be great fun, meeting new people,but you must be honest and when you do your profiles, make sure you put a picture of you and not someone else and be very honest as people can tell when you are not a genuine person.

The biggest thing is to help people, give useful advice, tips, information and point them in the right direction and you can learn so much too and this is how you will attract alot of friends and in return get alot of traffic to your website.

When you set up your account it will take up some of your time to do this,but once its done, its done and then all you need to do when you want to is update it with new info or pictures etc., which does not take long.

Don’t forget to help others,as this is very important and by doing this they will help you in return, so add useful links, tips recommendations to your profile, answer any questions they may have.

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