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Free Traffic Generation Tips Made Easy

Free Traffic Generation Tips Made Easy

Article by Toby Russell

I don’t know about your Internet marketing strategies, but certainly for Sam, my wife & I traffic generation is the area that’s always top of our “To Do” list, its seems to dominate our every waking hour when we are working on our own Internet marketing business. After all there’s only one guaranteed rule for making a website profitable – Get a steady flow of traffic. If nobody visits, there’s nobody to buy. The Internet is littered with sites that have failed because of this one simple factor, or because the traffic is not targeted, and I tell you guys it will get worse and harder out there, so listen up. Getting those Internet marketing strategies and techniques in place and working to obtain a steady flow of traffic is absolutely key.

Having Investment Gives You Options – You Decide To start up an Internet marketing business, it takes some capital. But, unlike running many businesses in the off line world, it doesn’t need to take as much to get started. However some sites just rise to high rankings quickly. Do you ever wonder how they do this?

Using services such as Google Adwords where you pay the search engines to list your ads promoting your site, and there are SEO companies as well that will work to improve your rankings that’s if you’ve got the cash to spend, and so for many that do rank quickly that’s their methods and by using these 2 areas they accelerate their rankings and progress.

Free Marketing Methods However there are lots of other ways as well that you can use to generate organic traffic. Some of these Internet marketing strategies & techniques can generate worthwhile traffic fairly quickly and it’s free all bar some effort on your part.

So even if you don’t have these financial resources, you can still do pretty well. There are many ways to get lots of traffic without spending much,many people have created online empires that give them multiple streams of income by hardly spending anything to do it,apart from some hard graft and persistence, briefly here are just two….

Exchange Links You’ve probably noticed that almost every site has a page of links. Linking to other sites is a great way to increase your traffic, and it can be a win-win situation for both sites. Many web masters are willing to do this because it benefits them as well by getting some of your traffic to visit their site.

The idea is to choose a site that’s similar to yours in the topics it covers. In other words, you should be in the same niche. It’s good if you’ve got different angles on the same topics, but the important point is that the same people would enjoy both of your sites. They should be relevant to one another.

Doing link exchanges with other sites will also raise your ranking in search engines. The more inbound and outbound links you have, the higher you’ll rank.. Ranking higher in the search engines will also increase your traffic, so this is a great method for achieving both results. But do remember the search engines only like relevant links so be choosy as to which sites you exchange with, relevancy is key.

Article Marketing Lots of people have created profitable, high-traffic sites through article marketing alone. The web is now full of article directory sites. These sites offer articles by category for people to read but also and most importantly as a resource for other websites, blogs etc who have a requirement for additional content for their own site. Over time you’ll find many of your articles will appear on other sites and naturally all will link back to your site. This does take time, but is certainly considered very worthwhile. It’s an area Sam & I do all the time, probably posting at least 6 articles a week

You should write your own articles about your niche and submit them to these sites and then as people read/use your information you’ll get back links to your site, read on you’ll see how

At the end of your article, you’ll include your resource box. the most important element of article marketing. This has a link back to your site. When people read your article and find it informative, they’ll click on that link and visit your site. Some of these sites allow you to put links in your article too, but many don’t so read the article submission rules carefully first. A well-constructed resource box is a great promotional tool providing it’s used correctly.

Another great thing about article directory sites is that many rank highly in the search engines. If you submit a good article that’s keyword optimized, you’ll see it ranked well in Google very quickly. This means that you can take advantage of the article directory site’s high ranking to get traffic as well.

So there you have it, these are just some of the Internet marketing strategies & techniques Sam & I use all the time in our Internet marketing business, it works but it does take time so don’t get frustrated as we have done in the past, once you start to get pages ranked regularly you’ll soon see traffic coming your way, but being consistent & continually working on your Internet business is the route to long term success.

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