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Getting Backlinks for Traffic

Getting Backlinks for Traffic

Article by S. Michaels

If you are looking for traffic for your website backlinks should be your first priority. Backlinks are how websites show the search engine that your website is worth indexing and ranking high.

The biggest problem with backlinks is the process of getting them. It is a time consuming thing to do but if you want traffic you’d better start looking.

There are a number of ways to Get Backlinks. Depending on the goal of your website you may decide to use one method, or several.

If you are looking for Social Traffic you want to concentrate you efforts on blog commenting and forum posts. If you use these methods people will come to your site to read what you have to say, not to make a purchase. All the major social sites are also a good way to get social traffic once you build your friend lists.

If you are looking for Search Engine Traffic you are going to try to get backlinks from what the search engines decide are good websites for your niche. The type of backlinks you want here are backlinks that use your target keywords.

There are ways that you can get backlinks for traffic that do not make you contact webmasters. Article directories, mini sites which are the Squidoo, Hubpages, and Infobarrel type sites, and the Digg and Stumbleupon type sites.

Article Directories and the mini sites give you the most control over how the link coming into your website is used. These type of sites do have certain safeguards to protect themselves from spammers and auto generated or scraped content.

When you create content that you will want to link to your website or blog you want to create original content that is similar but not exactly the same as the site you are getting the backlinks for. You also will want to target a slightly different long tail keyword. There’s enough competition out there as it is without creating competition for yourself.

Getting backlinks for traffic is an ongoing chore, do not think you are done because you are not.

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