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Goo2o Technologies made easy for me to interact with customers

Goo2o Technologies made easy for me to interact with customers

Article by Sonia Sinha

I, Ankit Bansal, run a toys and gift shop in Rajouri Garden. Though I get good sales at my shop but I felt the need to make my store visible online to improve customer interaction and connecting to many people at a time. It is the tendency of shoppers when they came to know about any store, they tend to search the Internet and find out the website for more information. This has created the need to have online presence of the business.

The main motive of online sellers is to attract the people towards their offline shop or online store so that they choose easily what they want, the same I have. This way the online sellers can increase their customer base by interacting loads of people at a time and answering their queries frequently. I looked for different Ecommerce software providers on the Internet through which I can set up my online store easily. I finally end up with Goo2o Technologies which provides its software Goo2o Merchant Solution (GMS). Associating with Goo2o Technologies and using GMS, I got my fully functional online web store in a very less time. It had many features which I wanted at my store to increase customer interaction. Some of the are:

1. Live chat is the feature integrated by Goo2o Technologies in GMS which allows visitors or customers to interact with me whenever they visit my Goo2o store. It helps in building relation healthy with them.

2. Notification System offered by Goo2o Technologies in Goo2o Merchant Solution lets me notify customers on their various actions like after selecting the product, after the payment procedure.

3. I can offer discounts to customers anytime and can generate discount coupons to encourage shoppers to buy products from my Goo2o store.

4. Using the Fulfillment service offered by Goo2o Technologies, I don’t have to worry about the delivery of products to the customers. They ship all the products on time which makes my customers happy.

5. The template designs and wallpapers provided by Goo2o technologies gave my store an attractive look and attract traffic to my store easily. The best part is I can customize the templates on my own according to the products I’m selling at my Goo2o store.

Using the features of Goo2o Merchant Solution, I was able to communicate and connect to loads of people which had a positive effect on my sale. I made the best decision to choose Goo2o Technologies as an ecommerce software provider.

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