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Grow Your Business Through A Premium Social Ad Network

Grow Your Business Through A Premium Social Ad Network

Article by Chris Robertson

Advertising on the web seems to have come full circle over the years….from banner advertising to email campaigns to text ads to social ads, and now back to banner ads on social networking sites! Sounds like a boomerang effect, doesn’t it? It really is if you think about it. Expert marketers are continually finding new ways to apply successful marketing methods & techniques to the latest and hottest social trends that will bring the right offer to the right group of web users.

If you own a website or any business that can be promoted online, then you may already be aware of the many forms of successful advertising that already exists. There are some premium social advertising networks that employ next generation marketing techniques that can help you grow the number of new prospects and sales for your business even more.

# What is an Advertising Network?It’s an ongoing ad campaign designed to promote various types of businesses through several effective venues. These promotional networks generally feature multiple types of advertising options, such as banner rotation programs, interstitial ads, full page ads, flash ads, text ads, etc. As a paid advertiser, you can place full page ads and well-designed banner or flash ads and even well-written text ads into the network to get continual exposure for your website or business. Interstitial ads are full page advertising, displaying your entire web page for even better exposure. Full page ads are shown within a browser frame and usually have text, banners or links at the top and bottom of the page.

A premium ad network receives a high volume of traffic from multiple sources. Some of the cutting edge advertising networks even attract high-impact, high performing social traffic from the top social sites such as: Facebook(tm), Twitter(tm), Youtube(tm) and many other major social networking sites… even blogs, forums etc.

Nowadays, social traffic is considered the “cream of the crop” because social site users love to be interactive, share their findings with friends (great referral opportunities), and receive frequent updates from their favorite companies. Building “buzz” for your business is easier than ever when you employ advertising networks, methods and strategies that reach into these social audiences. The more users that find your site or offer “like-able” then the better your chances of making more sales using these premium social ad networks!

# Ad Network FeaturesDon’t even consider signing on with an ad network that isn’t targeted or that doesn’t allow tracking of your results. If you do so, you’ll only be throwing your marketing dollars to the wind! Make sure you’ll be able to target your audience by location (geographic targeting), keyword and even by the operating system or device being used to access the web (such as smart phones or PCs). Also verify that you’ll be able to control the rate at which the traffic is delivered to your site. For example, if you have a new site, you might want to gradually increase traffic so you can test the waters of your presentation with your audience (e.g. 100,000 visitors per month instead of 1,000,000). Some ad sites will even allow you to block the traffic sources you don’t want so you can better target your audience and track the responses to your sales copy.

With any advertising network, it’s also crucial that there are tracking features. Make sure you can view traffic sources for your campaigns and even view where your visitors are arriving from, such as which country etc.

Compare rates for various ad networks to determine which fits into your budget and marketing needs. Test several banner or text ads, landing pages, and offers to find out which ones pull the most response. Without testing, you’ll never realize the full potential for your website.

Don’t focus on the numbers being promised so much as the potential for converting visitors to paying customers. With a higher quality premium advertising network, you’ll be able to attract visitors that are truly interested in your products and services. Once this happens, it’s just a matter of tweaking your offer and ads to perfection!

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