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Help With Your Internet Marketing Decisions

Help With Your Internet Marketing Decisions

Article by Ms.CiCi

Some Internet Marketers would have you believe that all one has to do is “set it and forget it.” Just sign up for “my” offer and watch the money roll in and laugh all the way to the bank. Don’t we wish it were ‘really’ that easy?

In reality, working for yourself, being your own boss, indeed affords a wonderful sense of freedom. However, one is not really totally “free.” It takes dedicated work. Often time long hours. Hard work. And, more TIME. If one is an internet “newbie” the question then is, “Where do I begin? How do I get my internet business started? How do I attract the volumes of people needed to make it successful?”

And how does one sort out all of the “must have this product” offers being thrown at you? It can be a frustrating, daunting task to sort it all out, know where to begin, and which offer is truly a “must” to begin your new journey.

You need an effective Internet Marketing strategy. The last thing you want to do is waste time on an Internet Marketing strategy that is ineffective. That is where “mentoring” comes in. However, make no mistake about it, a “mentor” is there to make money! It is going to cost “you” money! So where does one begin?

In the Internet Marketing industry you must be proficient enough with a computer to navigate the internet, send and receive email messages, attach, send and open email documents, download zipped files, send zipped files, etc. The ultimate goal is to make your customers join forces with you and ultimately, work your business, even while you are sleeping!

Did I say “customers?” So where do these “customers” come from? In internet jargon it’s called “traffic.” And, from this “traffic” a “list” is generated. A list of names of prospective customers! There is a special technique to driving quality “traffic” (prospective customers) to your site thus turning your “prospective customers” into the bonafide acquisition of a “list.” This “traffic” can come painfully slow, or quite rapidly. It all depends upon the technique used. And, there is a little known method of growing one’s “list” quite rapidly. So, it really doesn’t need to be “slow and painful.”

However, bottom line is this: No “list”… No “traffic”… NO MONEY!

Network marketing is a worldwide mega trend today, with about 30,000 people joining network marketing companies per week. The importance of Internet Marketing when selling almost anything in today’s world, even homes, cannot be over emphasized.

In Internet Marketing, personal relationships are not built on the phone or at business opportunity meetings or on 3 way calls or conference calls – they are built on trust. You’ll make no calls, attend no meetings or conference calls – unless, of course, you want to. An Internet business program, also known as “network” or “matrix” marketing, is a way of selling goods or services online, via through distributors. One way to quickly set up a new business is to market products and services from a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or network marketing opportunity.

However, if you are looking to make money on the internet then one of the easiest and most lucrative ways is Affiliate marketing: selling other people’s products for a commission of each sale. You have no physical products to stock or ship. That is done by the owners of the products you are selling. Digital products can be delivered by the owner of the product, or if you have acquired certain legal rights of this product you would be handling the “shipping,” which is simply “downloading” them to your customer after the sale is completed.

However, one needs to approach the search for affiliate internet marketing opportunities with care. Be aware of affiliate internet marketing programs that promise they’re the best, giving you the impression that all you have to do is implement their banners and links, and wait for the commission checks to start rolling.

Today many people are turning to internet marketing when they find themselves out of work. And many people are very successful!

Having had no money and no mentor we had to sort through that long, painful process of figuring out what we “really” needed to begin our Internet Marketing business. We had to figure out the “A-B-C” or the “1-2-3” steps that needed to be taken. We walked through all of the frustrations and dealt with the “Dishonest Joe’s” as we figured out which programs were indeed the “must have” programs. We did all of that on a shoe string budget.

Now we ‘re here to share that information with YOU! And we’re not going to charge you to do it! We’re simply going to give you FREE “direction.”

Quite frankly we’re not going to do the work “for” you. That is something YOU must do. We’ll simply tell you WHERE to go.

If you are conversant with the ways of the Internet and network marketing looks like the right thing for you, then you can start building your business today! The basic “must have” to get started products are found on our website: www.Agape-Internet-Marketing.Com

If you have any questions please email: info@Agape-Internet-Marketing.Com

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Ms. CiCi, an accomplished author and world traveler. Her writings expose her wealth of ‘secret information’ so derived from her travels as well as drawing from her own personal wealth of wisdom. A great lover of nature, a visit to her website is a true delight: www.CiCi-Online.Com

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