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How to Explode Your Social Traffic

How to Explode Your Social Traffic

Article by JD Reilly

To fully understand why internet streaming videos are the next step in online marketing, you need to be able to grasp the objective of advertisers and the effects of the different methods of advertising.

Online advertising began mainly with newsletters in the form of emails or pop-up screens containing pure text and some inanimate pictures. As internet users became more and more accustomed to surfing the web these newsletters and pop-up advertisements gradually turned into annoyances. Marketing newsletters started to look like junk mail and pop-up screens became similar to billboard advertisements that you see every day. Also, pop-up screens disturbs the rhythm of internet surfing. There you are browsing away when you see a link or article which you decide to follow or read. Just as you are about to click on it or just as you are in the middle of reading it, the pop-up appears and displaces your current browser window behind it.

In short, these common forms of advertising soon became major annoyances in most cases that anti-virus software developers soon added anti pop-up features in their products thereby drastically reducing the number of consumers that these pop-ups were able to reach. To add emphasis to the drive against pop-up advertising windows, Mozilla developed a built-in anti-pop up utility into their web browser, Firefox. Just as the pop-window is about to open, Firefox immediately denies the opening of this new browser window. Today, you rarely see pop-up screens on your computer as you browse the web.

This is where streaming video comes in. It is undisputed that television commercials are still the best way to attract attention. The advertiser needs to make the product look good in TV, but their primary objective is to attract the consumer’s attention. Their second goal is to make the video memorable enough so that the customer remembers the brand name when they have need of the product.

The main advantage of videos is their ability to instill curiosity in a person. The strength of internet marketing through streaming videos is that it immediately grabs the attention of the viewer. The only thing that you as an advertiser have to do is to make the video interesting enough that it maintains or improves on that initial level of interest.

With the use of videos, the consumer gets a clear picture of what your product or idea is all about. This is an added bonus to the attention grabbing feature of using videos for your marketing or advertising campaigns. When a consumer knows what you and your product are all about, they can begin to trust you. A trusting customer is one who will patronize all your product lines.

Video is the future of the internet. Nothing gets more attention and more traffic. Nothing else can go viral as quickly. Practically nothing else can keep your visitors on your site for longer.

Without a doubt using streaming video will:

* Video on your site WILL increase time-on-page.

* Video on your site WILL generate useful feedback and comments.

* Video on your site WILL capture more opt-ins.

* Video on your site WILL convert more visitors into PAYING customers.

The big names like MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and the rest are not only dominating news stories now and people’s minds they are starting to play a really big part in driving traffic to marketer’s pages online. By using video streaming on these social marketing sites will bring a lot of highly targeted traffic to your site.

Remember, that when you want to sell an idea or product, the best way to grab a person’s attention is by arousing his curiosity through the use of videos. Video is the fastest and most efficient tool when it comes to getting your message across. Human beings are very curious animals and they love good stories. However, as good as your advertising video is, it is still the quality of your product that matters in the end.

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