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How To Get Cheap Traffic From Web 2.0 Websites

How To Get Cheap Traffic From Web 2.0 Websites

Article by Michael John Arnold

There are several ways you can get traffic to your website. One of the fastest traffic methods is using paid traffic. You can get traffic to your website in the shortest period of time using the paid approach. Some examples of paid traffic are: ezine advertising, pay per clicks such as Google Adwords, or a text link.

However, the problem is…

All of those paid traffic methods mentioned can be costly, a little bit too much if you are just starting your online business venture.The Good News

The good news is nowadays, thanks to the advanced evolution of online business world, you can get traffic with same quality and same speed using the Web 2.0 traffic generation method and at no cost. Let’s take a look at some of these traffic generation methods.

Traffic Generation Method No 1 – Become a Friendly Person

Becoming a friendly person can help you a lot in your online business. You might frown a little bit upon this idea, but the truth is online business owners that generate millions of dollars per year often have so many people promoting their products whether these are fellow business owners, sales team, friends, families, or former customers.

The same thing applies to with Web 2.0. Some Web 2.0 social website such as MySpace and Facebook allow you to add friends from many countries and backgrounds. Some of the best online marketers have more than ten thousand friends in MySpace; imagine how many potential customers you can market to each day.

Traffic Generation Method No 2 – Write about something you Love

Writing can bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Some of the richest online business owners I have ever met are the best writers on earth. There are so many Web 2.0 websites such as Digg that allow you to publish your content. At the end of your article you can state something about you and your product generating free publicity for you.

Traffic Generation Method No 3 – Be the Guru

Answering people’s questions are a great way to catapult you into an expert status. And as you may know people will more inclined to buy from the expert.

Web 2.0 websites such as Yahoo! Answer or Twitter.com will allow you to become an expert in your field of endeavor by answering other people’s questions. The key here is to give a meaningful answer full of explanations and know how.

It won’t take too long before people start to talk about you.

Traffic Generation Method No 4 – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a powerful way to get hundreds of quality links to your website. There is also software that will submit your links to various social bookmarking websites at socialmarker.com.

One of the best learning tools you will find is the 8 part video series ?Social Traffic Explosion? This video tutorial will take you step by step through everything you need to know to become a successful traffic generator.

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