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Is Social Traffic Of Any Value?

Is Social Traffic Of Any Value?

Article by Brian Krassenstein

Around the forums the consensus of opinion is that social traffic is important to have. But, the big question is, does any of the social traffic really matter?

Let`s consider StumbleUpon as an example. Why do Stumblers Stumble? If you are one, is it because you are looking to spend money, to purchase an item, or a service? Not really. More likely it`s because you have some spare minutes on your hands, or you’re browsing to find something of possible interest. And without question it can be interesting, as you come across something funny, or out of the ordinary. And to be fair, it wasn’t really set up in the first place with a view to its users being able to sell through it. It`s just that for anyone who joins in order to create buying traffic it`s likely to be a big letdown.

One of the most popular Social Media sites is Digg. Digg users control what gets pushed up and what doesn’t. If your site has hundreds of diggs it gets more prominence. Do the results benefit anyone financially though? It`s very difficult to see how. What about the advertising on such places as Facebook? Is it cost effective? It`s hard to see how. People who use Facebook and similar social media sites are there to interact, to be…well…`social,` – not to buy. And of course the age range of users of social networking sites also has to be taken into account. Social sites are predominantly for the young, so something like retirement plans probably aren’t going to appeal to many users.

I would think that in most countries a lot of company work time is spent by employees using social media sites. That likely means a lot of productivity is being lost due to these types of sites. More and more companies are limiting the amount of time they allow employees to spend on the Internet in work time.

The only real positive (and perhaps there are others I`m overlooking) is that for site owners who do use Digg and some of the other social networking sites, is the value of backlinks. Some, not all, are `dofollow` which means that by placing your site on them, it can be beneficial if it helps to improve your site`s PR. I do know of people who submit to dozens of social media sites in order to get backlink value. But, PR in itself isn’t of particular benefit. It certainly may help if you have advertising for sale. Many advertisers like to place their links on sites with decent PR. But, as far as SEO is concerned, it does little to get you noticed by the search engines.

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