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KPI’s tracing for the Social Media

KPI’s tracing for the Social Media

Article by Pratik Bhatt

Social Media to everyone’s tongue is gaining the massive amount of attention on webs as well as great deal of interest from the marketer’s too! Basically complains and worries of those who invest seems to be consistent and valuable: It’s hard to calculate the impact at backhand (Bottom Line). On this point I must forfeit – Social media is great area for the online marketers to grew and stay connected, its value isn’t always corresponding with the effort required & even when it is, it’s hard to show that point to clients or executives asking for validation.

Insights also has a very unique and powerful feature – integration on your website. Using a small bit of Javascript code, you can embed the Facebook Insights functionality on your site and receive information about all the users visiting your pages that are logged into Facebook. Since it’s been well-covered on SEOmoz (and around the web), I won’t dwell too much on Insights other than to say it’s the most robust of the built-in, social platform analytics tools by far.

This slog will help you to take a brief looks at the surrounding problems and some reasonable answers.

Social Media has the analytics problem where as the other sources called ads, campaigns, organic search, book marks, referrals all traffic drive directly converts where as social traffic is short timing known temporary. This leaves marketers struggling to understand the value of these networking sites. High bounce rates, low browse rates and awful conversion rates make social the black sheep of the referring traffic sources.

For most, the web is less like the checkout aisle at the grocery store (stocked with tempting treats and not-so-tempting magazines, at least IMO) and more like the considered purchase of a grill, television set or automobile. Social media isn’t the deal closer – it’s the channel that creates potential for a future conversion. Social media can create brand familiarity and drive visitors to content that further draws them in, but it very rarely directly answers an expressly-stated need.Twitter and Facebook are early on in the process, likely prior to this customer’s realization of need or knowledge of the product. Social channels are likely to be partially responsible for thousands of free trials at SEOmoz, but given the tools currently available, we’d have a very tough time figuring out just how much social participation and presence brought to the company.

The world of social started out as one where discussion sites (forums, Q+A, bulletin boards and the like) and the blogosphere reigned supreme. Eventually, consolidation and massive adoption of the major networks took over the hearts and minds of the press, but the social web is still very much alive in the blogosphere and forum world.

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