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List Building Made Easy

List Building Made Easy

Article by Atheer Fendi

Copyright (c) 2011 Atheer Fendi

When it comes to turning your website into another source of income, there are many things that are very important to do. One of the best ways to start earning money with your website is by building a list, and you will find that few things will give you the opportunity for targeted marketing as much as having your own lists will.

Building a list means gathering email addresses of every person that visits your website. The more email addresses you can gather, the more people you will be able to send marketing emails out to. The more emails you send out, the more likely you are to sell one of the many products on your site. In order to ensure that your website actually earns you some profit, it is important that you build as big a list as possible.

Building a list is often the easy part, but using it may be the difficult part. To build a list, all you need to do is offer visitors to your site something FREE if they send you their email. By offering them a free report, e-book, or product, you can easily entice visitors into sending you their email address. Once they input their email address into your signup form, they walk away happy with their free product while you keep their email address.

However, it is important that you go about building your list properly. The most important thing you need to know about building a list is that you need to offer quality content if you want people to input their email addresses into your site. Most people will not visit your site more than once if the quality of you content is poor, meaning that there is little chance that they will give you their email address.

Only those who come back to your site repeatedly will actually want to give you their email address, as they will want to know when new content is added. Only those who are interested in the quality content that you are adding are going to want updates from your site, hence the saying that “content is king” definitely comes into effect when building a list.

If you do nothing else, fill your website with as much quality content as possible. Product reviews, information, data, valuable facts, recommendations, and even person thoughts are all excellent to help you attract interest and generate returning traffic to your site, as all of these things will entice people to return to your site over and over. If you can post information that people find interesting, you will find that they will gladly input their email address into your signup form. They will be interested in being part of the people to whom you send out more useful information, and you will find that your list will grow over time as you continue to add quality content.

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