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Marketing with Viral Content Made Easy

Marketing with Viral Content Made Easy

Article by Daphne Rayna

Having something, like content or a video, become hugely viral is the coolest thing to happen to an IM marketer. Ask any online marketer, they’ll tell you of course it’s tremendous to create content that millions of people talk about and pass around. Practically all marketers associate viral traffic with huge quantities of, usually, short lived traffic. Of course, nobody knows an exact formula for creating viral content. The only thing people can try to do is put something out there that really grabs people’s attention, then you promote it everywhere you can. It’s not so terribly unusual to see strange, or unknown, products that can become viral. We suppose you’d love to know how you can produce these kinds of results? Great – so let’s discuss some methods you can put to use that could help your content become a viral traffic generator.

It’s very powerful to make someone react to your content as soon as they read or see it.

Your goal right from the start is cause an immediate, highly emotional reaction. Forget the usual, bland, and boring reactions people have to the everyday news. You want them to have a reaction, and even a negative reaction like anger is better than a passing nod. The level of their reaction will pretty much determine what they do with your content, either ignore it, link to it, or tell their personal network. Never be concerned about being honest about your feelings or opinions. All people have opinions, and there’s nothing wrong with having strong feelings about things. If you want something you’ve created to become viral, you’ll need the confidence to express your opinions even if they may not be well-accepted. Your statement must be strong, and you have to feel good about stating them. If your expressed views are half-hearted, then they’ll never go viral. Content like that won’t be thoroughly read much by anyone.

Tell a story. People pay more attention to a good story than they do to anything else. People usually aren’t grabbed by some fact about something, however if you can do something with that fact in a cool story, then you could have something. You need to try to have people invest in you emotionally.

One of the easiest and best ways to get that done is with a great story. Stories are always more popular than blurbs and advertisements. Do you agree that a really cool or interesting story is better at grabbing attention than an ad? Only a good story has the power to make people really curious and want to find out more information about the source.

In a lot of ways creating content that goes viral is more about simply creating good content than it is about grabbing attention. As you well know, it’s not just the content that produces a viral effect. Use these tips to help increase your chances of going viral and being the next ?it? person online.

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