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Most Key Factors of Increase Search Engine Traffics

Most Key Factors of Increase Search Engine Traffics

Article by Dr. Anuj Gupta

A few weeks ago, I have the difference between social and traffic search engine traffic and I told you, it is advisable to work in building search engine traffic, because with a little work to grow from month to month without, as much effort in it as the social traffic. Here are some of the most important factors to increase trade in these products:

Write constantly changing, do it every day or almost every day. This is due to two reasons. First, search engines love webs / blogs, the content updated frequently, so these sites usually rank better than static. Second, because you have a lot of content, there are more opportunities as a result of a search, is not it logical?

Write a good title for your posts or articles. I believe that you have some keywords in it, and do not write too long title with many words in it. It is a thing called “keyword density”, and it is the ratio of keywords to a total of words. You have to be the point of balance between good title for your readers and good title for search engines. Look at the title of the post, key factors to increase search engine traffic, it could not be better. I have so many keywords as I can (search engine, traffic, increase the most important factors) and also it is good for the reader. This time was easy, other times it is more difficult.

Set keywords in the post-war period, especially in the first paragraph, and bold to increase their relevance as I above. The keyword density is also important to the content, not only in the title. There are people who count the exact ratio of keywords to a total of words and tell about the quotas of 15%, 18%, as the best… I think it is a bit exaggerated, if things so far. Just your keywords mention in the text and bold. You must be aware that it can be dangerous too often repeat the same keyword in your post. A search engine may find that you want to rank better for the keyword in a non-natural way, you can be punished.Seo Services Company

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