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Sell It To The World – Turn Your Expertise Into Dollars On the Internet

Sell It To The World – Turn Your Expertise Into Dollars On the Internet

Article by Chris Robertson

If you’ve got expertise in just about anything, you can use it to make money on the internet. It doesn’t matter what you’re good at – you can turn ANY skill into a moneymaker on the web. Are you an ace web designer? Do you know antiques inside out? Do you have a knack for finding out what people want, and putting them together with people that can provide it? Any one of those can provide the basis for a profitable work at ahome internet business. All you need is a little knowledge and a few free tools that you can download online. Here are five ways to turn your real world savvy into internet dollars.Market Web Design Services on the InternetAn unstocked ecommerce web site can be the perfect format to showcase web site designs for customers. For less than a month, you can set up and run a gallery site where web site designers and graphic artists can sell their work – and pay you commission. Create a web hosting account that includes a fully functional gallery and a shopping cart for payment. Add a Paypal account to make payments and some ads on web discussion boards to attract designers and customers, and you could be making money almost immediately.Create an Ecommerce Web Site That Matches Virtual Assistants With Those Needing Their ServicesNo programming skills needed. There are dozens of community software packages that include discussion boards and ‘want ad’ modules, and many of the packages are free to use. You can charge a monthly membership fee for access to the want ads and discussion boards, or take a commission on the fee when a supplier hooks up with a buyer, or a combination of the two. All it takes to start making money is a domain name, a good community software package and a payment solution.Sell Products on a Fully Stocked Turnkey Ecommerce Web SiteIf you’d rather focus your expertise on marketing and leave the gritty details of choosing products, taking orders and shipping to others, you can buy into a turnkey ecommerce web site. Many of them come fully stocked with product pictures and descriptions, shopping cart software and everything you need to be online and selling within hours of making your payment. How successful you are depends on how much effort you put into promoting and marketing your products.Create An Affiliate Shopping Web Site and Make Money with GoogleOne of the most common ways of making money on the Internet is by hosting advertisements for others. There are many different “affiliate marketing” programs that will push ads to your web site based on the content on the pages. If you create a web site about needlepoint, for instance, an affiliate like Google Adsense will place ads for crafting products, needlepoint designs and other products that are in context to the site on your pages. You get a commission for every sale that is made to someone who clicked on an ad from your web site.Provide Web Hosting Services for OthersGone are the days when you needed to have tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and specialized telephone lines that cost hundreds of dollars a month to offer web hosting services. For less than 0 a month, you can become a web hosting reseller. With a web hosting reseller package, you rent space on servers maintained by a hosting company, and resell that space to others at a profit. Ecommerce is still in its infancy, and there are new developments and new ways to make money online nearly every week. There are ways to make money online for nearly anything that you can provide. No matter what you want to sell, there’s someone out there who wants to buy it. All it takes is some research to find the right market, and enough know-how to set up a few simple tools. Find something you can sell, find your market – and start making money on the internet.

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