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Seven Points On What Is Social Media and What Is So Great About It Anyway?

Seven Points On What Is Social Media and What Is So Great About It Anyway?

Article by Mac Bull

1. What is social media?

Social media these days is a term for the social media networks on the Internet. Networks such as blogs, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter come to mind. There are many others as well. YouTube is an example of social networking in video format, while the previously mentioned are text based. However, this isn’t to say they can’t be connected or even overlap. They absolutely can. For example, you could post a YouTube video or pictures on your text blog. There are many names for this networking: social media; social traffic; social networking; social traffic networking and the list goes on. No matter what you call it, it all comes down to using these networks to reach many people on a global scale.

2. Why should I care?

Reaching millions globally is impressive by itself. If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or even a Fortune 500 company, there is something in it for everyone. For the entrepreneur or the mom and pop business, it puts you on a scale where you can run with the big boys. If you are a major company, it’s an opportunity for you to reach millions more.

3. How does it work?

Put yourself on social media and you can follow others who in turn will follow you. Essentially you are creating a “virtual friendship”. Since the person following you is likely to have others following them, chances are that members of their group may follow you. You are now building a list. Let’s say you build a list of 700 people. On your post (a text submission of various lengths to the network) you send your readers to a link that sends them to your blog or website. On your blog or website they find the product or service that you are offering. Of those 700, what if 350 of them are looking for your type of product or service? You’ve just had 350 target prospects visit your website as possible potential customers. Being the target audience, the chances of them using or buying your product or service are good. If they are happy customers, they will come back. Even if some are a non-interested visitors, they could pass your information on to a friend. And remember, this was all done with free advertising.

4. Free advertising

You cannot advertise directly on the social network because networking is free to use for building Internet “friendships”. So advertising is understandably not allowed. However, as mentioned in the previous section you can surely post a link to a website, a blog or your own website. To reiterate, you now have potential customers coming right to your door. The website itself does the advertising and the social network site brings potential customers right to you.

5. It gets even better

Forget about the business end for a minute and look at the fact that it’s fun to do. It’s exciting because on a global scale, you are building relationships with people. Now back to business. You have customers/clients that are also your Internet friends. This means that you have established trust. When they come to your website, the visitors come with trust in their pockets. This of course, makes it easier to sell.

6. There are tested and effective ways to do this

The title pretty much says it all. However, there are tactics you can use to help build relationships on these networks more quickly and effectively. In Section 3, I mentioned the example of having 700 followers. You can use the tested tactics to double, triple or in some cases drastically multiply your number of followers. Imagine having not 700, but 7,000 followers or 77,000 followers! It truly happens.

7. I want to do this; what do I do?

Go to Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and get started right away. Complete a simple and easy to follow “create an account” process. If you have any trouble, you can click on the “help” or “contact us” buttons and you’ll be helped via e-mail. You can also do a Google or Yahoo search, where you’ll find other less known networks but are fun and also great to join. In your search engine findings, you will also find products that will teach you the techniques that I mentioned in Section 6. So go ahead and see what they are all about.

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