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Steel Bollards – Controlling Traffic Made Easy

Steel Bollards – Controlling Traffic Made Easy

Article by Steelbollards

Steel bollards are special purpose traffic controlling strong posts. Main aim of these bollards is to prevent entry of certain type of vehicles for instance they can be placed close together to stop entry of four wheelers but far enough for the entry of two wheel vehicles. These can also be installed to completely prevent entry of vehicles into some pedestrian specific areas.These bollards come in varying materials along with differing styles, shapes as well as designs. Some common categories of bollards may include steel bollards, traffic bollards, parking bollards, barricades, traffic control barriers, collapsible posts etc.Sometimes, they can be installed in areas where some sort of checking is going on. These can also be installed at parking areas to prevent entry of cars without proper pass slips.Some of the most prominent stainless steel bollards can be classified as follows:1. Automatic BollardsAs the name in itself suggests, these types of bollards are automatic in nature i.e. they can be raised up or lowered down with the help of a remote control. They function in the same way as gate operators do. A control panel with an air pump or electric motor is fixed into them so as to regulate proper functioning.2. Semi-Automatic bollardsThis type of bollards are pushed down by hand and locked with the help of a key. When it is to be opened, its locking key is unturned after which it rises up automatically. 3. Manual bollardsEntire functioning of these bollards is operated manually that is they are pulled down and locked at a specific position and when unlocking time comes, they have to be unlocked with the help of key, raised above and again locked at a higher position with the help of same key. 4. Fixed bollardsThese cannot be removed as they have been fixed at a permanent location at a concrete slab or are otherwise placed and are pored over with cement.5. Removable bollardsThese resemble the fixed bollard in the appearance. The only difference between fixed as well as removable bollards is that the removable bollards can be lifted and carried out to a different location. These categories of bollards allow access to service vehicles as well as emergency vehicles.Steel bollards are being increasingly used to retain certain category of vehicles to enter specified regions under a given time limit and also to enforce security against vehicular terrorist attacks. Retractable bollards have special capabilities to go into the ground level when not in use plus they can regain their original position as and when required. They can also be used for permanent utility location. Special types of decorative bollards made out of timber in shape of humans are painted with vibrant colors are placed in Australia, Geelong plus Victoria to enhance landscapes of outdoor public sculptures.

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