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The Lucky Factor In Internet Marketing

The Lucky Factor In Internet Marketing

Article by Sisca

Many people now seeking for opportunity in internet marketing. Many say that this work is easy, even very easy. But some others say this is not possible for them. What makes people say it is easy? And what makes some others say it is not easy? Some description below may explain.

I have a friend. Let us call him Abc. He just started internet marketing for only two months. At the end of the second month he could grab around 0. His earning is getting higher and higher since then.

I have another friend. Let us call him Def. He has been doing internet marketing for almost one year. But all he can get is around 0. He can get in a day, but in many other days he can earn nothing.

Why is Abc succeed and why is Def unsucceed in their internet marketing? Is it “luck”? Can we say Abc is succeed because he is lucky, and Def is not succeed simply because he is not lucky? Just the same as in traditional business, some are successful because he is lucky. But how about in internet marketing? Is it the same as some of those traditional business pathways?

Based on my experiences, people may succeed in internet marketing because of luck. Why do I say that? Let me explain my own experience.

I tried to sell one good product. I would not say what product it was, but let us say I promote Xyz. As it was my first work in internet marketing, I did not want to embarrased my clients promoting a non high quality product. I really did a research for a high quality product. I want to satisfy my customers, and only recommend good products.

The time I spent for research was about two months. And even to prove that it was a good product, I bought the product. The product was tangible, and not a kind of software, ebook, and other intangible products. I tried it, and found that everything was good as I expected, means almost no bad side in the product. Simply said that I judged it was a high quality product.

Then I started to promote it through many kinds of internet marketing techniques. The first 3 months I did not get earning at all. The first buyer came in the fourth month. My earning was not so good compared to the time I have spent.

Then I started to find another product to promote through internet marketing. This time I did not take a deep research as I did before. I just tried to find the product I need, then find some reviews by googling on the internet. So the research I did was just from other people who have review the product.

And there, I got the product. The time I spend to find the product was less than one day.

As I did with the previous product, I started to promote it with the same internet marketing techniques. In less than five hours I have already got the first buyer. Total in the first day I got 21 buyers. After two months, the statistic showed the stability of the purchase around 35-50 buyers a day. While the statistic of the first product I promote showed only 1-2 buyers a month.

After several months, I still believed that “lucky” was the factor behind my success for the second product. But I must say that the “luck” could be studied. How? Try to find products needed by plenty of people while at the other hand there are not may people offerring the products. That is what we call “niche”. People who can find their niche, they may be lucky. Good luck!

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