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Toopika search Engine Made Easy – 100% Full Site Index in 24 Hours

Toopika search Engine Made Easy – 100% Full Site Index in 24 Hours

Article by George

For the last few months, the web has been abuzz with the changes to the search engines big brands site’s dominating the first page of major search engines.

Will Google’s latest Panda update get the attention of the antitrust investigators given the boost it gave their own properties? Are Google search results becoming just a list of big brands? The answer is simple YES.

Toopika goal is indexing 100 billion websites from small to large size sites, they aims to give access to even more information to online users, and has been devoting time and much effort to realize this goal.

They want to be able to index enough websites to give users access to a large enough percentage of the latest and new updated information available on the world wide web.

Getting your web page listed in toopika is a huge plus for your internet marketing efforts,its among the major search engines that exist on the internet. Site submission increases the chances of increase in traffic generate more queries and leads.

Build links and traffic to your blog’s or site’s by submitting it to toopika directory and get your site full indexed in 24 hours.

To submit your site please go to toopika.com and click “add a listing” enter your site details and link and submit.

Other feature to increase traffic and make money online they offer (advertiser/publisher) program to maximizes your revenue income online.

Advertise with toopika in the Sponsored Links section next to search results to boost website traffic and sales. Signup today for free advertiser account with free credit ( Enter code RT20 )Publisher can find an easy way to earn money from your online content. Simply display relevant and engaging ads on your website, mobile sites, videos sites.

Toopika Ads its another program where you can host pay-per-click ads on your Website.

Publicize your ads to a large community using ads advertiser account. Advertise using text and banner ads targeted to niche audience with full control on click rates and budget. Presenting a cost effective advertising system wherein you need to pay only for legitimate clicks on your ads.

Monetize your website or blogs using ads publisher account. Create stylish and modern ad display units matching your website or blog design. Display ads related to contents of your website or blog and earn from legitimate clicks send from your site.

please visit toopika.com/ads for more information.

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I wrote this honest article because i felt that i need to share this information with others and to everyone out there having problems making money online.To know more and to sign up for free account please visit toopika.comand for the independent toopika ads please visit toopika.com/ads .

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