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Top Traffic Tips Using Free Social Sites

Top Traffic Tips Using Free Social Sites

Article by Jane Robinson

Do you know how important traffic is to the life of your website?Of course you do. So do I now It’s something I have been learning about the hard way over the last few months. You may be struggling with it as well. I didn’t even know what it was until this year. But there’s been a problem and that’s been that nobody has ever showed you how to do actually do it.Not only that but a lot of these social sites don’t like you posting your website links and affiliate links all over the place so you can sometimes end up getting blocked or just not getting any traffic.Well I found myself in the same position – I knew a little bit about social marketing, enough to be dangerous. But the problem was that although I was spending plenty of hours on these websites I just wasn’t getting any traffic or sales.


Some people call it social marketing, others web 2.0., I have even heard it called new age marketing which conjures up all sorts of images, but the fact of the matter is this – you need to be using the social marketing websites to your advantage because there’s tons of free traffic to be had from them. It’s a huge development on the internet and ignore it at your peril!


They are the big names like MySpace, Facebook and others who are not only dominating news stories now, they are starting to play a really big part in driving traffic to marketers pages online. The problem though is this…… social sites don’t like marketers! It’s true! So you have to be careful when you are using them that you don’t get banned or caught out. The key is to adopt this simple “4 H’s” approach;HumorHonestyHave funHelp peopleAs long as you can inject just a little piece of humor into your social marketing profile or even just a little piece of who you really are then you will start attracting lots of friends and widening your network. That’s one of the keys to this new marketYou also need to be honest throughout. There is no point uploading photos of Britney Spears or Mark Ronson pretending they’re people who want to get to know you or uploading a photo for your own profile that is much more good looking than you! So be honest.Have fun! This is one of the most exciting things about social marketing. Its great fun. Meeting new people, learning new stuff and making money from the traffic that you get from it all at the same time. not to mention that you feel part of a friendly circle. You needn’t be on your own. It certainly makes that big world out there seem much smaller!So you help people and they will help you. You add useful links and recommendations to your profiles. Point people in the right direction and answer any questions people post on your profile. Communicate with them, its fun.


Easy You need to learn how to get on these sites and how to maximize them. A word of warning though, they can become addictive!

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