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What is SEO – SEO Definition, Role, and Importance

What is SEO – SEO Definition, Role, and Importance

Article by SEO Filipino

Search engine optimization is the process of using methods and techniques that will improve a website’s visibility and presence. It is most popularly known as SEO. SEO uses natural ways to attain natural listings on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The term also explains the design of a site, the menus, management systems, images, videos, its content, plus the other elements that must be optimized to obtain maximum exposure on the search engines.

A website mainly depends its success on SEO. SEO is very important to a website because it brings visitors; and a site without visitors is like a product or a service that cannot be sold. In order for you to obtain your desired visitors, you have to incorporate SEO properly in your website. Keep in mind that the key for you to achieve a great number of visitors is to secure your site’s position on the organic search results.

Search engine optimization can target a variety of searches like: local search, image search, academic search, new search and industry. Those areas are targeted so a certain website can have web preference. SEO includes editing content or also known as tweaking, and also involves some methods of putting important HTML associated coding so it can increase its relevance and then remove indexing barriers. Another method of SEO is back linking.

In SEO, there are two categories involved in this process. These are White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO which is often referred to as ethical SEO is the use of natural methods of SEO to obtain desired results; while Black Hat SEO or often referred to as “spam-dexing”, uses some methods that can degrade the relevancy of search results. Black hat SEO is not for long term use because it uses unethical methods just to achieve rankings for a website.Like any other things, SEO also has its downside or disadvantages. More people focus on the advancement of their SEO techniques and methods so they can achieve favorable results but forget to have some good content to read. You have to make unique permalinks for your visitors. Basically, your visitors do not just end with what they want to see or visit if they are only shown more appropriate and related results.It is really important to know the Do’s and don’ts of SEO. SEO could be very helpful to you and your website if it is used properly. Learn about it more, then use your knowledge to better optimize your website.

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