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Where To Buy Internet Traffic That Bring sResults

Where To Buy Internet Traffic That Bring sResults

Article by Michael John Arnold

There are literally thousands of places where you can buy internet traffic ranging from small classified ads to millions of dollars Google Adwords. Buying internet traffic can be considered the fastest way to drive a prospective of hungry buyers to your website. The problem is, not all traffic are considered equal, some traffics maybe better than others. For example, if you buy traffic through ultra targeted search terms using Google Adwords, even though only 10 people that come visiting your website if all of them buy that can be considered high quality traffic rather than 100 people come and no one buy. When it comes to the traffic game, the matter is not about the quantity but quality. Let’s take a look where you can buy internet traffic that brings real result. Google AdWords Google has been a dominated player in the search engine game, estimated more than 70% internet users using Google Adwords. Therefore, this is the place you should consider if you want to buy some high quality traffic. To make sure the only traffic you get is high quality traffic, you should only bid for keywords related with your product. The more specific the better, for example, you may sell product about how to grow your hair in less than 5 days, in this case traffic from keywords “how to grow your hair” is a lot better than traffic from keywords “hair grown” even though the later gets more searches than the previous. Ezine Advertising I love ezine advertising you can place your ads in front of targeted audiences for a price less than you would have to pay using Google Adwords. You can place solo ads, ads without competition for a price around 0 – 0. It might look expensive initially, but consider the size of the ezine that can reach 1000 subscribers, divide the 0 by 1000 subscribers then you only need to pay .1 per subscriber. The best part all of traffic coming from ezine advertising it is very targeted, it is possible to generate 100 buyers in 24 hours. There are a lot of people making a good living solely marketing their product using ezine advertising. Social Sites Social sites are another place to get targeted traffic, site such as facebook.com. One reason traffic from this type of website is targeted is because the user of this website very active. They are very active in searching, looking or expressing their ideas about their topic of interest. This is something you want to pay attention to because once your product succeed to solve whatever problem the user of this website faced, the word about your product can spread very quickly like a wild fire. They will post the information about your product on forums, tell their friends using message features, posting bulletin about your product all of these creating a viral effect that can drive a swarm of thousands of targeted buyers to your website.

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