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Why Internet Traffic?

Why Internet Traffic?

Article by Gradmore Frink

Why is internet traffic the most chased after type of traffic? Because it makes money easily if you have enough. The search engines are what provide you with your visitors. In most cases, they are the only type of visitors you want to visit your website. Who cares if someone likes your information or not. If they keep coming back to read it, so what. They won’t be making you money. The people searching for your topics are the ones that will most likely turn your website into an earner.

That is why getting traffic to your website is the most important part about SEO. Everyone wants to make sure their sites are optimized for the search engines. Can everyone do it. Yes, everyone can in theory do SEO. Will they? Most will drop out before they learn it fully. This a shame, because that is in part how the big guys hold on to top position in the SERPS.

It is no walk in the park however. Most people set out to try and make money thinking, “Hey, I can do that!” They only later see that work is involved. It is very boring obtaining backlinks. Who wants to sit around and search all day for links that you won’t see counted for months. I mean, it can take its toll on someone.

The thing with business, is that you have to stay focused. Most people may fail, but it doesn’t mean you have to. SEO and search traffic are the pinnacle to making money online. If you just keep at it and read, you may just infact make it on to the top position of the SERPS someday. Remember, it takes time to do search engine optimization the correct way.

You can try all different methods, but stay away from the social ones. I always follow the rule of search traffic. If it isn’t someone searching, then I don’t want that traffic. The reason is I don’t think social traffic will make me any money.

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