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Xeeme The Social Marketing Suite

Xeeme The Social Marketing Suite

Article by Matt

What is XeeMe? (Previously known as XeeSM)

Organise your social footprint

XeeMe is a great way to organize all of your social profiles in one place. If you are like me and have various accounts in many places, it’s sometimes hard to get at them quickly. Well, with XeeMe you can store them all in one convenient, structured system. One click and you are there.

Also, everyone else can find all of your accounts easily. All you have to do is supply them with your vanity URL – and they can easily follow, friend or join you on any of your networks and even join your network on XeeMe.

You can share this information a number of ways. You can put it in your signature on emails, on your blog, website, twitter account or Facebook profile. This will easily expand your availability thus expanding your social presence.

XeeGraphXeeMe has a brilliant monitoring tool, XeeGraph, which allows you to monitor the number of visits to your XeeMe, your social profiles, relevance reports and even more.

XeeMe also has a claim to Triple Social Traffic

They completed some interesting research about traffic and flow to and from XeeMe. For 1 visit to your XeeMee you can expect 3 visits on your social profiles. In other words: A user who looks at a XeeMe typically visits three of the social sites from that XeeMe. This means for instance if you have your Blog website or your LinkedIn profile as the only destination on your Twitter profile, you will basically get one visit to that one site.


XeeMe is different to other social presence tools, in that XeeMe support more social networks than anyone else, it has the monitoring engine, and the greatest part is that it has a social contact database.

Its so easy to set up and its free!

Sign up here: xeeme.com/

Fill in your name, email, company name, website and country and upload your photo.

Then add all of your social networks – there are numerous networks to choose from and you can add as many as you like. It even tests the URL for you, to see if it is correct.

Alternatively, you can just register using your Facebook details, which will then use the information that you have on Facebook, including your photo.

Once registered, you can customise your XeeMe via the Dashboard and install whatever applications you choose.

Try it out – it costs nothing and it’s so simple to setup!

Check out ours here xeeme.com/purpleplanet/

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