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2 Amazing Viral Marketing Examples

2 Amazing Viral Marketing Examples

Article by Fredi D

There are many ways that viral marketing can produce huge return on investment for a person or company. It all lies in the way the marketing campaign is handled. Below are 2 viral marketing examples that are a sure fire way to win over your audience.

Of the viral marketing examples provided in this article, you will notice a common thread between them. They both rely on ?keeping it real? to the audience. The main goal to the viewer is to find out information that is entertaining and often times funny.

Viral Marketing Video:

The first of the viral marketing examples is a viral marketing video. If you choose to go this route, you will need to make sure you follow these tips carefully. Your brand should be noticeable on the video, but how do you do it without coming on too pushy or gimmicky? Most people show it at the beginning of the video and at the end of the video. Some people actually choose to chow it once either at the beginning or the end. If you choose to show your brand once, it should be at the beginning of the video.

When you put your brand at the beginning of the video, the viewer is paying attention. This is because they are waiting in anticipation of a video. Their eyes are glued until that video ends. Once it ends, you will have a large percentage that will just click off.

So the question then becomes, well, why do people put it at the end? There is still a percentage that does not click off until the reel stops. Also, you might be able to squeeze in the brand before they click off. Moreover, there are even people who might love the video and say, ?who did that?? it really just depends on the type of person you are dealing with. In fact, this is one of the hardest points about viral marketing examples; each one applies differently.

Viral Marketing Through Affiliates:

In this time, more people are starting to affiliate with one another. This is another one of the viral marketing examples that are given in this article. Take for example an online retail store that sells Product A. To increase sales, they want to start affiliating themselves with people in the general products genre. During this time, they will link to the other sites and provide their affiliates with a banner, clicking ad, etc.

This is one of the best viral marketing examples because it creates a good scenario for both parties. If the affiliate brings business to the retail store, the retail store will pay a commission of sale to the affiliate usually no more than 5% of the sale. This margin does not affect the online retail store very much, yet it is a very cost effective way of advertising.

Viral marketing examples can be found all over the internet in different forms. Some great information on viral marketing and additional viral marketing examples can be found below.

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