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Guidelines For Viral Marketing Strategy

Guidelines For Viral Marketing Strategy

Article by Jeremy Long CT

Viral marketing impacts greatly on any online business. It will bring great positive results to the bottom line of any marketing campaign. Besides producing desired viral effects, it is also contagious. It produces such a powerful and impressionable impact when messages coming from trusted sources continue to be conveyed virally to others. A good viral marketing strategy will show its potency when effectively activated.

In the planning and implementation stages for any marketing strategy, it is imperative to establish an effective guide that will see the whole strategy materialize and succeed in its objectives ultimately. Similarly, there are certain guidelines for the implementation of an effective viral marketing strategy.

(1) Strategy should incorporate generous give-aways.

In process of building good relationships with customers, it would be good to give away free products and services for instance ebooks. This act will continue to keep the viral effect in motion, simply because others will be impressed upon knowing this. It naturally opens the door to getting increased visibility for your site and business.

(2) Strategy should enable easy transfer to others

The viral marketing strategy should enable communication to be transferred easily. This ease is of paramount benefit to the viral effect when it is in motion. Others will get to know about your product or service instantly, that is to say, transfer of information should be effortless. Ultimately, this process will reap prompt and positive results for the marketing campaign.

(3) Strategy should cater for easy modification and scaling.

A viral marketing strategy should be subject to careful planning. It should allow for easy modification. For best results, it must scale easily from small to large. A turn of circumstances will require a change in strategy. This should be taken care of at the beginning.

(4) Strategy should be in line with the behavioral patterns of customers.

A deeper understanding of your customers will further open the door to better relationship building. The behavioral patterns of your customers will provide great ideas for the viral marketing strategy to be tweaked when required. Even the common motivations of your customers should be monitored and capitalized upon. This will get better results for your viral marketing strategy.

(5) Strategy must make full use of current media

Technology has made communication so much easier these days. People are able to speak to one another without hassle on the internet. There are numerous social bookmarking sites that provide the greatest of opportunities for any viral marketing strategy to create impact, buzz and eventually explosive outcomes. Communication networks will help spin the viral effect into motion. MySpace, Facebook and StumbleUpon, are good sites to activate any viral marketing strategy.

(6) Strategy should work with other resources

Viral marketing will produce a greater impact if support from other resources is complementary. Word-of-mouth marketing offers the best complementary effect to viral marketing. The message is spread to others and will be much appreciated if it is known to originate from a trusted source. John tells Jane that your product is good for aches and pains. Jane convinces her mother Jill about this product. Jill goes on to tell her best friend Sue who is having the same health problem. Sue then relates to Jack. This word-of-mouth process continues on, and to the complementary benefit of viral marketing.

Viral marketing is both effective and explosive. The ultimate result will be exponential growth coming from increased site traffic and increased demand for your product or service. To achieve this, you will need to follow the guidelines for viral marketing strategy.

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