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How Empower Network Harnessed the Power of Viral Marketing

How Empower Network Harnessed the Power of Viral Marketing

Article by David Tan

What is so great about Empower Network and why are so many people talking and blogging about it?

Do you think you can earn 100 percent commissions through your network marketing business? Well, most people would reply with a no. Empower Network says YES! You can earn 100 percent commissions with Empower Network. The brainchild of David Sharpe and David Wood, the Empower Network offers a product which sells itself along with the platform and tools required for selling it. Empower Network is a viral marketing and blogging Empower Network system which not just pays you for sharing it with others but also allows you to share your primary network marketing business with your target audience. The blog is loaded with great graphics, banners and is SEO optimized so you don’t have to waste time with the technical aspect of setting up the blog. All you have to do is begin blogging from day one and start generating content with the potential to go viral. Viral marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your network marketing business. Here in this article we will take a look at a few great tips on how to boost your network marketing business through viral marketing, the Empower Network way.

Empower Network Viral Marketing Tips

Here are some of the most effective viral marketing tips as suggested by experts at Empower Network.

Offer compelling content that goes viral – This is definitely the most important factor when it comes to successful viral marketing. Offer good quality content that is relevant to your niche target audience through your blog. If your content is good and the audience finds it valuable, they are more likely to share your content with others, making it go viral and hence replicating your efforts. Consider offering training videos or entertaining content as they have a high potential to go viral.

Easily Communicable – Remember how a virus spreads across easily during the virus season. Your content should be just like that. Ensure that your content can be easily shared. The easier it is to share your content, the more likely are your readers/viewers to share it. You can make use of a number of ways to make your content easily communicable and shareable. Some of them include viral videos, forum discussions, sales funnels, email auto-responders etc.

Use Social Media – Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are some of the most effective mediums when it comes to viral marketing. Facebook alone has over 800 million active users. Connect with your target audience on these social media websites and start your own niche group. You can then use these networks to get your message across to your target audience, who will then share it again with others. Just ensure that your content is great! Consider offering freebies like downloadable ebooks or videos as they have a high potential to go viral.Incorporating these viral marketing tips can go a long way to ensure success for your network marketing business.

Eric Goldman started with zero internet ability. He is now one of the top Network Marketing Coaches online. He integrates social media, traditional prospecting techniques, and online relationship building, to generate free leads, create business growth, duplication, and success.

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