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So Will Someone Tell Me What Viral Marketing Actually Is?

So Will Someone Tell Me What Viral Marketing Actually Is?

Article by Coby Wright

Viral marketing is a very powerful and well established marketing technique. As well as being very cost effective, viral marketing extends over the long run and if done properly can add a more or less unstoppable momentum.

So what is viral marketing exactly?

Quite simply it is any type of marketing materials that encourage the message to be passed on from person to person ? thus the name. A classic illustration in internet marketing terms is a viral eBook or report. You generate an eBook on something that people in your niche will be involved in, and then inside the report you place links back to your blog. If the report contains something of significance it?ll be passed on since people will want to share it with others. Your links or advertising enclosed inside the report will be seen for years and years after you originally created it.

What about other sorts of viral marketing?

A trendy thing at the moment is viral videos. You just have to look at the popularity of sites such as YouTube to see the enormous power of video as a method of marketing your enterprise. The same principles apply to viral videos as viral reports ? it needs to be something exciting that people will want to share with others. Videos which are witty, funny, or thought provoking in some way have a tendency to do good. You want to get creative and create something people will desire to actually spend a few minutes watching.

An additional form of viral marketing is email and email signatures. The launch of the email service Hotmail used viral marketing to great effect – at the bottom of each email sent by means of the service was a link back to where users could sign up themselves. This became extremely successful as more and more people used the service to send emails.

In order for viral marketing to be as effective as possible it is vital to actively encourage people to pass on your materials. Make it effortless for them to do so. If you?re creating a viral report, for instance, a high-quality strategy is to include a sales page with the report. Other internet marketers can then plug it in and issue it to their customers without having to do a great deal of effort.

Now that you understand what viral marketing is and how powerful it can be you can learn to create your own Viral PDF by reading my free report now at www.Viral-PDF.com.

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