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Viral Marketing 101-Learn how to use viral marketing

Viral Marketing 101-Learn how to use viral marketing

Article by Mike Roberge

Viral Marketing 101-Learn effective viral marketing techniques

If you want viral marketing riches you will need to learn how to market

your business for maximum profits with minimal effort. What is viral

marketing. Viral marketing works much like having a cold and then

sneezing in a crowded room. The idea is to have as many people as

possible pass it on. Viral marketing can be good for businesses both

small and large. It can have a negative effect as well. Viral marketing

basically has to happen on its own. You can’t force a bad idea or

unwanted product to go viral. If you do, it will have a negative impact

on the customers you are trying to reach. Remember, people are just as

likely to talk about bad news as good news. It works the same with

viral marketing.

If you have a product or service that is proven to be liked then its a

good idea to go viral with it. Thats what viral marketing is all about.

Friends and family always share their experiences with products or

services that they have received or great offers they have found. The

process is actually pretty simple. Bottom line is make sure you have a

quality product before you go viral.

There are several ways to create a buzz about your products. Maybe you

have a product that will give people something to talk about, or maybe

you have a unique way of delivering you product. Maybe it looks cool or


Hotmail is a perfect example of viral marketing it its best. Just by

word of mouth it grew in size and popularity faster than AOL and CNN.

Ebooks are a great way to go viral with your product or service. All

you have to do is offer it to your visitors and customers. If it is

worthwhile, they will be sure to spread the word. The idea is to get

your ebook for your product to as many different places as possible.

You can also use your ebook to start building your customer list for

future business products that you may be able to offer.

Viral advertising using effective email is another great way to get

your message out and create some buzz, but only if done properly. Niche

marketing is another great tool for viral marketing. Newsletters are a

goldmine for viral marketing especially if it is a newsletter with a

large following. Flash games are the latest craze for creating a viral

marketing effect. Definately worth looking into if you like gaming.

Blogging seems to be the most popular viral marketing method. People

tend to follow their favorite blogs faithfully. They are always looking

for good and relevant content. This is probrably the easiest way to

get started. Youtube videos are extremely popular for creating the

viral effect. If you dont mind the camera, you can get your message to

millions of people on youtube.

I could explain viral marketing for a weeks, but these are some of the

basics you need to understand. If you want more details on the subject,

send me an email at mjrventures@gmail.com and i’d be glad to help.

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