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Viral Marketing – Is This The Ideal Internet Marketing Technique?

Viral Marketing – Is This The Ideal Internet Marketing Technique?

Article by Dhanushka Warnakulage

Viral marketing makes use of social networking to promote business. It can be simply defined as the emails that support product advertising in an extensive manner. Viral marketing solutions aim to create public awareness to promote products and services via word of mouth publicity. It has become one of the prime internet marketing solutions that attract the users by promising handsome commission with every successive sale. However, this effective form of marketing has its share of benefits and demerits. Let’s begin with advantages first. Advantages of Viral marketing solutions are ideal for internet marketing because of continuous promotional opportunities, high competence, great reach, cost effectiveness, and a lot more. The major factors that have made viral marketing so popular in the web arena are:Publicity and public awarenessNowadays, with the power of internet, people have come closer, no matter wherever they are based physically. Social networking plays a key role in this regard and people now can communicate with their friends and relatives anytime they wish. Viral marketing aims to cash on this immaculate availability of time and resources by promoting business transactions. Here, a single user can communicate the transaction to his/her relatives or friends and from them the transaction gets conveyed to their individual network. In this way, the chain keeps on rising by creating publicity and public awareness. Generate a great flow of targeted trafficeMarketing experts believe that viral marketing can generate a great flow of targeted traffic. With proper networking, the business transaction gets spread to numerous people. Those people will get the idea about the product or service, and if they feel interested, only then they will revert back. Therefore, the chances of getting more targeted traffic are much higher with viral marketing, compared with other forms of internet marketing solutions. Easily push you ahead in the SEO rankingsWhenever someone adds links to you site, embeds your video, etc., viral marketing solutions will push you ahead in the rankings of the search engine.Cost-free methodsViral marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your product or service. All you need to do is join social networks and create blogs, develop profiles or add a video. All these aspects are cost free methods and therefore, you can save considerable money on advertisement. Disadvantages of viral marketing solutions can sometimes become its weakness. This process depends on message-transferring from one individual to another and there are possibilities that it reaches to a party that you don’t want to involve because it could cause the following demerits:Spam threats Viral marketing definitely has great advantages, but you have to make sure that they are made in the right way. Otherwise, it can lead to issues of spamming. You have to choose right people that can represent you, without providing a false impression that anyone can earn money easily by using your service. There are several spammers over the web that can misguide people by telling that anybody can make money just by informing others about your service. You lose control, unless you know tricks and trendsBasically, viral marketing solutions convey a message about your product or service through other people. This is advantageous and at the same time quite risky as well. If people start telling things about your service that you don’t want them to tell, the strategy can backfire and put a question mark on your brand image. Viral marketing is one of the most effective tools of marketing products or services over the internet. It makes use of word of mouth publicity by making people aware about the product/service. It comes with its share of merits and demerits.

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