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What Does Viral Marketing Actually Mean?

What Does Viral Marketing Actually Mean?

Article by Sue Cooper

Understanding the Basics of Viral MarketingTo be honest, you already know what viral marketing is and you have more than likely played the role of a viral marketer in your life, quite a lot of times. Whenever you suggest to your friend or relative, to go for a particular movie or to eat at a particular restaurant or when you are telling them why you like a particular garment brand, you are getting involved in viral marketing. Viral marketing is the oldest kind of marketing with a new name and various definitions of viral marketing have evolved with the evolution of the word.One popular definition of viral marketing is -“it is the marketing techniques employed by an organisation which make use of already existing social networks to increase awareness of their brand or to achieve other marketing objectives through spread of news similar to a viral process”.Another definition of viral marketing can be -“a marketing tactic which relies upon and encourages people using an organisation’s products or services to promote them by sharing information with their acquaintances”.As is clear from the definition of viral marketing, it is heavily dependent upon an existing customer base and social networks to spread and pitch the brand or products of a company, thus leading to an exponential growth in the promotion and publicity. The term “viral marketing” was coined in accordance with resemblance of this marketing strategy with “viruses”, which replicate themselves and multiply.Internal viral marketing has been existent for more than a decade. Earlier it happened automatically, and now it is strategised and has been brought into mainstream by a lot of marketers. Though the definition of viral marketing still remains the same when it comes to online marketing, its significance increases a lot more when it comes to using the web as a platform.Viral marketing does not always work to your advantage. If you lack somewhere and your existing customers are not satisfied, you will find your business prospects decreasing and it might become very difficult for you to face this decline until you correct your mistakes and come up with some unique and quality products or services.If you want to promote your business online, make sure that you do not fall prey to negative publicity, because it has the power to ruin any business until the root causes of such negative perception are eliminated.To make yourself popular among your customers, offer them all you can. Build a good network and encourage them to promote your business. Most of the time it is a natural process, all you need to do is be conscious about the human instinct to share and direct your efforts towards adopting different intelligent viral marketing strategies which can enhance the popularity of your business.

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